Wednesday, 21 October 2020

What can I learn next?

Building on the examples in this article, we're going to take a look at the The Cycle of Success next. It lies at the heart of the process of being successful, regardless of what you want to create or achieve. The Cycle of Success If you read or listen to the success stories of people like Ford, Edison, Disney and many others, one thing repeats itself like a refrain. They all had to acquire this before they mastered their professions or creations and became successful. We all need it as well. We all use it and even pay for it to be able to make a living and to excel in this world. We love to do things together. So how about everybody brings something nutritious, wholesome, and satisfying in their lunchboxes, and then you share? Make a pact to stop eating oily, fried food from outside. Encourage each other to drink water at intervals. You can also have a competition and see who drinks more water? STEP FOUR: WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GO If your work requires you to travel outdoors, be prepared. You've got the sun and pollution to contend with. Carry water with you. Dehydration can leave you cranky and suffering from headaches. When analytical thinking is flawed, questions like Why did not you think that . Therefore, it is worthwhile to train the prioritization and to consciously ask each task: Why do I do that and how important is this task in the overall context of corporate or departmental goals? Again, links with experience and circumstances are inevitable.

From your experience, you can balance the relevance of the business and better prioritize your priorities. So analytical thinking always means that you have to correctly classify the meaning and the yield for a particular goal. How to train logical thinking Math has never been your strength and otherwise you are more of the spontaneous impulsive type in completing tasks? Do not worry, you can train logical, structured and thus analytic thinking in a targeted way and expand this ability with regular exercises. Here we have put together a few puzzles for you. Try out what your logical thinking is like! Without it, it is as good as impossible to become successful. Have you guessed what I am talking about already? It is the first and most basic requirement in the pursuit of your dream. It triggers the other elements in the cycle of success that create more success. This important element is KNOWLEDGE. The better you know and understand how something works, the better you are equipped to use it, to work with it and to utilize it to create whatever you want to achieve. Have you ever bought something like a bassinet for a baby, a model airplane or ship, or a piece of furniture you had to assemble before you could use it? If you didn't know how to do it, you had a few options: get someone with the necessary knowledge or expertise to do it for you, or start assembling it through the time consuming process of trial and error. Another and the better option would be to follow the instructions in the user's manual. Doing this would enable you to do it correctly and timely the first time. If you don't want to lug a bottle around, stop at the roadside coconut vendor, rather than a grocery shop for sugary drinks. Also, pack some almonds. They're full of magnesium, which helps to convert protein, carbohydrates, and fat into energy.

Grab an orange too. Research has shown that Vitamin C helps reduce cortisol levels faster and also boosts the immune system. You can also try some snacks from my list of top 20. Just remember, it's better to go armed with food than struggle to make the right choices in the heat of the afternoon. STEP FIVE: BEFORE A PARTY If you have to go for a dinner party where you know the food will only be served post 11 pm, do what I do. Before I leave the house, I have some soup, salad, or a light dinner around 8 pm. MENTAL EXERCISES TO DEVELOP YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS It has certainly happened to you to find yourself in a complex situation where your mind was lacking. Maybe it happened to you and you did not realize it. To train and improve one's mind is a quality to be developed in the same way as a physical, technical or even tactical training. Many games can be won or lost in the mind. One of the skills that is starting to make itself known but still far from our badminton courts, and yet that can improve your mind significantly is Critical Thinking. Critical Thinking is the phenomenon of staying positive, seeing the positive in situations that may seem more negative than they are and thus become better. Once this golden rule is achieved, you have already taken a big step towards positive thinking. Indeed, the positive attracts the positive and that is why the more you get motivated, to think positive and to really see the success in a match, the more likely you will win this game. Conversely, you have understood but it does not hurt to remember it: the negative draws the negative. Certificate Ever thought why you went to school, college, university, took a course, did an apprenticeship or acquired a skill? Surely it was to learn!

Not only to learn about specific subjects, but also to learn how and where you can find the knowledge you need. You were taught that you need to have certain knowledge about something before they would certify that you are adequately equipped to apply that knowledge and principles in any field of work you might embark on. You didn't study or learn just to receive a certificate. You studied to have sufficient knowledge so that you could apply it and reach your goal. The certificate is not a guarantee that you will be successful in what you are going to do. It only says you have acquired the specific knowledge necessary to be able to work in a certain industry, like as teacher, for example. The certificate you acquired is only a token of what you have learned. So when dinner is served at an abnormally late hour, I haven't starved myself to the point of being unable to restrain myself when I see bread and pasta. STEP SIX: WHEN AT A PARTY Plate method is the simplest way that can measure a well balanced diet intake at a party. Whenever you are confused about how much to eat or what you should choose from a range of foods, follow this very effective method that I swear by. On your plate take three-fourths of vegetables, a quarter of whole grain, three-fourths of lean protein, one-fourths of fruit, and one cup of low fat dairy. You can also follow this method for lunches. MY TOP TWENTY IDEAL SNACKS Processed or packaged food can trigger the release of stress hormones in the body. Before you reach for that over-the-counter snack, do yourself a favour and read what they contain. Rarely anything healthy, I'm sure! Thus, the more you tend to moan against yourself, to annoy yourself for a lost point or to rehash your mistakes, the more you will commit and the more you will head to failure. Although this is valid in everyday life and studies and articles on this subject are constantly growing on this Critical Thinking and becoming better thanks to it. French badminton, meanwhile, is still behind the path of Critical Thinking in our minds as a skill to acquire to improve your mind.

Here are 11 keys to improving one's mind through Critical thinking? A few simple rules that will help you improve your mind and become better by using Critical Thinking and eliminating negative thoughts: Leave your fears in the closet: The more you think about what scares you, what makes you doubt, the deeper you'll sink into the whirlwind of negativity. Motivate yourself, look at your goals and give yourself a good kick on the buttocks! Listen to the angel rather than the demon: You have already seen in many videos the little angel and the little demon on your shoulders trying to gain your trust. Stop listening to the devil and listen to the angel who will guide you to more positivism. For each negative sentence, look for the positive phrase you can associate with it and choose it! The proof that you can use it to do a job lies in your behavior. Remember when you got your driving permit? Did your parents or some law enforcement official or anyone else just give it to you? Of course not! You had to go through a process of studying and practicing what you have learned before you were allowed to drive on public roads. In my case I had to study a article with a lot of traffic signs, rules and other information which was crucial to ensure that when I drive, I would do it safely for my own and for other people's sake. So, first I had to do a test to make sure I knew all the signs and rules. But, I still wasn't issued with a permit. Next I had to attend a driving school to teach me how a vehicle operates, and how to drive it safely according to the traffic rules and road signs. Do you remember that first time you pulled away and almost broke your own and your teacher's neck? During high pressure periods like exams, they feel like they have little control over their lives. It's best to just let them be. If they are hungry, they will eat.

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