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Can you keep calm in emotionally heated situations?

It is the concept of HOPE that offers a desire for things to change and for the better. If, however, you combine low doses of four or five different sleep aids, each of them will be cleared out of your body by morning. Meanwhile, the effective blood levels that you have during the middle of the night from each treatment are additive and will keep you asleep. Because of this, most people with CFS/FMS find that they do best taking low doses of anywhere from three to seven different treatments, combining them to get eight to nine hours of solid sleep each night. Baby Yourself During Stress--So You Sleep Like a Baby It is not uncommon to see your sleep worsen again during periods of increased stress--whether physical or emotional--and the flaring of your illness. During these times, I increase the treatments as needed to maintain at least seven to eight hours of solid sleep without waking prematurely or being hungover. I find that patients do not have a problem with continually having to escalate the dose, so I don't worry about increasing the treatments during periods of stress or flaring of your illness. The best way to need less medication in the long run is to use as much as it takes to get eight hours of solid sleep each night for six months. When you are sleeping well and feeling better for six months, you can then start to reduce the treatments, as long as you continue to get eight hours of solid sleep each night. Many people find that they can taper off most sleep treatments after about eighteen months. I was spinning a lot of plates, with time-critical phone calls and emails to answer. When I heard on the speaker system that my plane was delayed, I clearly remember thinking, Are you kidding me? I'm a decent person and I work hard. There's an executive team waiting in a board room for me, wanting my input, depending on me. I just do not deserve this right now! I deserved a break, I thought, given the critical nature of my work and how hard I work at it. They should get me a seat on another plane right now. How entitled is that? A stressful situation had turned my pocket entitlement on high.

So before you allow yourself to get too frustrated and irritated at the entitled person in your life, remember first to keep taking the beam out of your own eye (Matthew 7:5). From the moment we are born, we start to register and then try to reproduce non-verbal language. Even though science has managed to make it this far, the experience of an empath still seems to show that there is another human process where humans are able to innately sense the emotions of other people that aren't totally controlled by their conscious mind. Empaths probably would not have a problem with being able to turn off their abilities from time to time so that they can simply feel their own emotions. However, their experience is unconscious and it takes a lot to control it. Many empaths have reported feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Typically, when a person is interested in improving a skill they will make a conscious decision to do so, and they follow this by some type of practice and learning experience. Some people are better at doing this than others, so their need for practice may be shorter than others. For empaths, the physical manifestation is the first to happen. They start feeling the emotions of others, and they are unable to realize what is happening. Only after this are they able to start working on their quest of understanding what is going on. As you maneuver through a desire, you inevitably experience a glimmer of happiness and the difficult feels that much easier. I have a heartfelt example of this to share. My father has been struggling with stage 4 cancer with relentless tumors in his lungs and heart. According to the medical professionals, he had a great battle ahead with dismal hope in living much longer. Yet he knew differently, as he had reason to HOPE. My mother had her own health struggles, which caused her to wrestle with great pain. She needed him and he was determined to be present for her, despite his struggles. She had shared her desire to pass before him. Recognizing her fear of loss of him, gave him reason to HOPE, cope, through the storm of chemotherapy, bouts of pneumonia and lack of breath.

Despite his quality of life being less than stellar, his love for her gave him purpose. Other people need to take some of the sleep treatments for years. This is okay. Either way, I suggest staying on something for sleep long term to decrease the risk of your CFS/FMS coming back. This could simply be an herbal remedy or a small dose of a sleep medication. Helpful Prescription Medications There are dozens of medications that can help sleep in fibromyalgia. Below are my favorites. Do not drive or operate hazardous equipment if you are taking these medications. Also, as with almost any medication and most herbs, do not get pregnant during treatment. As we've discussed earlier, CFS/FMS patients usually do better with combining low doses of several medications than with taking a high dose of just one. The virus has infected us all, since almost the very beginning. Change happens only in the presence of compassion. No matter how self-involved or demanding a person is, compassion can make a difference -- in fact, no lasting change will occur without it. If you're trying to help, you will need to be for that person -- for their welfare, for their success, and for their growth and transformation. We all need the grace of knowing someone is on our team. A company called me in to help resolve a major conflict between one of the top salespeople and his sales manager. This salesperson was a high performer and routinely led the team in productivity. Unfortunately, he was also arrogant and a terrible team player. He would neither share information nor help others.

The sales manager was worried about her star's entitlement attitude and its effect on the team. The first thought of many empaths is, How do I stop this? Being empath never shows up as a learned skill. It is not something that a young child can hope to have and start to develop throughout the years with the practice. The initial trigger is typically a physiological one that will lead them to an emotional experience and then it leads to conscious awareness. They are going to feel first, and then they will learn to understand their gift later on. Many empaths say that they are not able to control the process. Very little of the population actually has the ability to be an empath. Everybody is able to perceive the emotions of other people, but only an empath has the unusual sensitivity to feel the emotional cues around them. Electromagnetic Fields The findings behind electromagnetic fields are because the brain and heart create an electromagnetic field. My dad did and continues to this day to outlive the doctors' expectations and rode through my mom's departure as she wished. The happiness? He invested in my mother's desires. His love for her offered purpose greater than the bands of death. To this day, he stands strong amid the storm. HOPE is more than a feeling; It defies time and space by bringing in your past, present, and future to create a realistic vision of what can be, opening up your creative imagination as to what are the steps you need to get you where you are going. HOPE can be your beacon when you find yourself in the dark tunnel of disbelief in yourself as a healer. If you are still struggling to know you are called, take a moment and embrace the act of being human now.

We must be in touch with our own humanness to know empathy. With hypothalamic sleep-center dysfunction, it is inappropriate to stop taking your sleep medications prematurely. Just as with high blood pressure, it is reasonable to stay on your sleep medications for years, if needed. Fortunately, after people are feeling better for six months, they usually find that they can lower the dose of sleep medication as the sleep center (in the hypothalamus) recovers. Keep in mind that if you use adequate medication to get eight to nine hours of solid sleep a night for six to nine months, you will likely need less sleep medication in the long run. Let's look at the prescription sleep medications that work best in CFS/FMS. Zolpidem (Ambien) This is my first choice of sleep medication for treatment in CFS/FMS because it is usually effective and well tolerated. It is also uniquely effective at helping people fall asleep, while the other medications help people stay asleep. Because zolpidem is short acting (that is, it is out of your body after six hours), it is less likely to cause side effects than many other medications, but it also may not keep you asleep all the way through the night. A dose of 5 to 10 milligrams will likely give you at least four to six hours of good, solid sleep as a foundation. But she had an issue with entitlement herself. In her case, it showed up in her reaction to self-centeredness in others. If you wanted to bring out her anger and frustration, all you had to do was bring up narcissistic attitudes in others. As a result, while the manager was clear about how she wanted her salesperson's attitudes to change, she was also always on his case and very critical. The escalation of hostilities between them affected the entire company. When I talked alone to the salesperson, I could see that he did indeed have a chip on his shoulder. The entitlement was real. But when I said to him, It does seem like she hasn't tried to see how hard you do work and how difficult all this is, he actually teared up a bit. I know I can be a jerk, he said.

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