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You respect and utilize what's scientifically proven

We all have attitudes of entitlement, to some extent. But, one is that has been studying is the concept of mirror neurons and it is casting a bit of light on a possible explanation as to why empaths are able to experience the emotions of others. Mirror neurons are described as a neurophysiological mechanism involved in the way that people are able to understand another person's actions and learn to imitate them. In some of the first studies about the context of motor skills discovered that these neurons fired when monkeys watched another person perform an action. This created the hypothesis that watching a person will trigger some form of an internal response to help us mimic what we are seeing. This act of watching people experience something activates neurons in the brain even when we are not performing an action. Marco Iacoboni, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, believed that mirror neurons could be the physiological basis for morality and empathy since they affect how we interpret and perceive the experiences of people that are around us. In the simplest form of the neuron, they are triggered through the observation of some type of physical gesture in other people that fires the same neurons in the person that is watching. The amazing part of this is that it will happen consistently even though the person that is observing the action is not actually moving anything. It is simply an internal version of the action instead of physical imitation. Let us say that you are at a football game. Then re-frame each into the positive stance, and then feel the difference. Let it resonate. Although you are still face to face with the fear, you are in the game of opposition. This ignites the momentum to keep on moving forward. This sustaining endeavor is the scaffolding to contend with your fears and keep them from defining you. In the process, you are strengthened, and with each conquest, your self-confidence increases in accordance. Embrace Hope as Your Lifeline I recognize that in real life, this may feel easier said than done. But much of life requires us to go out and just do it.

Like I shared, it took me a long time to learn to ride a bike. It is important to let them know that your problem is not poor sleep hygiene; The hypothalamic sleep disorder in CFS/FMS is usually too severe to be dealt with by any single prescription or natural remedy. What works best is to mix these until you find a combination that gives you eight to nine hours of solid restorative sleep a night, without a hangover. Whatever treatments you use, though, it is important that they not only increase the duration of sleep but also maintain or improve the deep-sleep stages. Unfortunately, many sleeping pills in common use--for example, diazepam (Valium)--actually worsen deep sleep. You want to be certain that the treatments and medications you use leave you feeling better the next day, not worse. In addition, long-term use of these addictive benzodiazepine medications may be associated with risks that are not seen with the other sleep aids we discuss. I would note that alprazolam (Xanax) and clonazepam (Klonopin) are exceptions in the benzodiazepine family. These may actually improve deep sleep and have other benefits that could make their use worthwhile in fibromyalgia. Clonazepam (Klonopin) is the least addictive member in the benzodiazepines and the longest acting. Each of us has the disease, with varying degrees of severity. Everyone has some sense of being owed, or of feeling we are better than. It's an unfortunate part of being human, and part of Adam and Eve's fall from grace. I make a distinction between what I call global and pocket entitlement. Global entitlement permeates all of the individual's attitudes and behavior, no matter what she is doing or saying. If you were to follow a globally entitled person for a week, you would observe it in many of his conversations and engagements with others. It would come out at a coffee time at Starbucks, in an assignment at work, through an incident at church, over an argument at home. This person just can't see beyond her own nose and her own sense of being special. This is hard-case entitlement.

But lots of us struggle with entitled attitudes in specific contexts of life -- not in every situation, but only in certain ones. Neurons that are activated in the quarterback when he snaps the ball are fired in you as you watch. This same thing happens when you are watching a person experience some type of physical pain or if you notice a facial expression of worry or anger. The brain is able to interpret the meaning of these different situations by experiencing things through mirror neurons. There are many different ways to trigger these neurons, such as seeing a ball get to throw, hearing the sound of the ball being caught, or when you say the word throw. The actual firing pattern of these mirror neurons is actually very sophisticated as well. In fact, the firing pattern depends on the context or meaning of what is being observed. Both of the actions will involve all of the same muscles, but they do not necessarily have the same intentions behind it, so they are going to end up triggering different mirror neuron pathways. This is the reason Iacoboni thought that the neuron's firing patterns were so complex that they would let people know the intent behind a person's actions depending on the context. The importance of the process becomes very apart once you start to think about how understanding and relating to other people is important in how we make it through society. This is supported through several bodies of research on the theory of emotional contagion. I froze at the thought of falling and feared getting hurt once again. It was not until I decided it was not if-but-when I was going to ride that my battle ended. Each day, I would get out there and wobble down the street, saying a prayer that I would stay upright. I think back to the bloody knees, the hobbling home in tears, and the feelings of defeat, and wondered if I would ever ride like everyone else. I held to the vision as a lifeline guiding me down the street as I sought to make it to the designated finished line to exclaim, I did it. I held onto the HOPE versus fear; I still lacked hand-eye coordination from one day to the next, but I knew within that I would get there if I just kept on showing up to make it happen. Envisioning conquers the fear as you continue forward. HOPE is a part of everyone's life;

It is inherent in you as a human being. There are several approaches to using sleep treatments in CFS/FMS. Some doctors prefer to use a single medication or treatment and push it up to its maximum dose. If that works, great; Other doctors prefer to use low doses of many different treatments together until the patient is getting good, solid sleep regularly. I strongly prefer the latter approach in CFS/FMS, for two main reasons. First, my experience is that people with CFS and fibromyalgia can be very medication sensitive, especially if high doses are used. Most of a medication's benefits occur at low doses and most of the side effects occur at high doses. Second, each medication is cleared out of the body on its own schedule, regardless of whether it is taken with other medications. If you take a low dose of a sleep medication, so that it is out of your body when it is time to wake up eight hours later, the blood level may not be high enough to keep you asleep all night. If you increase the dose to the level at which it does keep you asleep all night, it may not be cleared out of your body until 2:00 p. That's why I call the second category pocket entitlement. It affects only a few areas of life and rarely shows up in the others. For example: A friend of mine is fun to be around and a great dad. But I visited his company one day and saw a very different person. He was demanding and authoritarian -- as if the Inner King had emerged. But when we went back to his house, he became the same old guy. When I asked him about it, he was surprised. He was completely unaware of his pocket entitlement, perhaps because he had no one observing him in both areas of life. Sometimes pocket entitlement emerges during stress.

Recently, while at an airport on a layover on my way to an important company engagement, it came out in me. Emotional Contagion Emotional contagion is when a group or a single person is able to influence the actions of other groups of people through a conscious or unconscious induction of attitudes and emotional states. This process is very deeply rooted in the human psyche. There are studies that have discovered that newborns can imitate the facial expressions of people after a couple of minutes of life. There are even adults who unconsciously imitate the demeanor of other people. This mimicry passes emotion on from one person to another and plays a large role in social relationships. In fact, people tend to like others who imitate them. The reason for this is likely that mimicry helps us to feel connected to others. It provides us with a positive emotional experience as well. Emotional contagion, basically, comes from basic mimicry as we try to feel loved by people around us. You use hope to help you define what you want. I really wanted to ride a two-wheeler and I did. If you stop and listen from within - something you may be doing every day as part of your ritual - you have a narrative going on inside of your mind all the time, hoping, hoping for something in the near future to be just so. Self-acceptance is key in our use of HOPE. HOPE comes to each of us from different platforms, but we all have it and use it to various degrees. HOPE may imply good things will happen via prayer and faith in God, hoping for the best, and wishful thinking. But if lumped together, we may say HOPE means a desire for more, whether it is to better our situation or ourselves. Hope is a means of coping. As life's storms beat on us, it is sometimes hard to believe the sun will ever come out again.

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