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Compose a Fresh Story

They want to mold their partner They need their partner to feel complete They seek and demand unconditional love They relive old, negative feelings Characteristics of healthy love People in a healthy relationship have the following characteristics: They allow self-sufficiency How long will it be before I see results? Seeing results depends on the product specifically. For example, pigment spot treatments take longer to work than others (for some brands it could be six months before you see the full results, and this varies from person to person). Usually, it will take twenty-eight days to see measurable changes, two months to see noticeable changes - but this is dependent on the skingredients in the regime, the advice given and whether you're actually doing/using it consistently or not. How long before I know if something is helping or not? It actually depends on the type of product. You usually see results from using acids in about one to two weeks, Vitamin C is usually about eight weeks, Vitamin A is between four to eight weeks. You won't see an immediate result from antioxidants but they're protecting you in the future. If you're using a routine for eight weeks and seeing ABSOLUTELY NO result, take a look into what you're using. Patience is important too. They share the same experience--that they are one with their partner, and they are each for themselves They encourage the best in their partner They accept endings

They are opened to change and exploration They encourage personal growth in their partner They experience true closeness They feel free to seek what they need They feel that giving and receiving are equally important They have no intention of diminishing or controlling another They encourage self-sufficiency in their partner This is where your skin diary comes in - take a picture on day one, file it away and assess the difference after a month. What if things go wrong? Some products cause something that many call a `purge'. I don't necessarily believe in purging, but I do believe in the skin reacting to ingredients it hasn't be introduced to yet. Vitamin A is known to cause a `retinoid reaction'. This may be a bit of redness, dryness and irritation for the initial few weeks of usage as your skin becomes accustomed to it. For some, this manifests as particularly nasty spots. However, time and time again, after two to four weeks of use, this goes away entirely to make way for beautiful, healthy skin. It is similar to a sore muscle after a new workout - your body needs time to adjust. After using particularly acidic products, such as high-percentage cleansers or at-home peel kits, you may feel a tingle and a teeny tiny bit of a sting. They accept their partner's boundaries They do not seek unconditional love They are self-confident

Of course, everyone wants their relationship to be normal and perfect, but most don't really know what that looks like. Here are some guidelines on how healthy relationships should look. You have realistic expectations from love I hope that you are aware that perfection does not exist, and that your partner cannot be perfect. Perfection exists in those small imperfections that make the connection beautiful and sweet. It is very important in to accept not only your flaws, but also your partner's flaws and turn them into something bearable and even sweet. When you love someone, those things that would usually annoy you become sweet and cute. This is relatively normal. If it is anything that you would consider to be even a 0. Top tip: other salons or professionals cannot discuss reactions from products that you purchased from a different stockist for insurance reasons, so remember to call your salon or pharmacy first and foremost. If spots, redness or mild irritation related to a new product doesn't go away in two weeks, speak to your consultant/aesthetician. When using acids, avoid any broken skin (spots you've picked, cuts, grazes, etc). Also keep them away from your lips because the acids will irritate them. Product Trends We will now explore some of the skincare and beauty trends you've no doubt come across, teasing apart the trends worth following and those which you can skip right past. Three years ago, K-Beauty was splashed all over Vogue and the like but it has now made it into mainstream skincare. Korean skincare enthusiasts are all about essence, double cleansing, sheet masks, snail serums (yes, snails! Do not take everything personally Instead of blaming your partner for everything they do wrong, you should discuss them, until these things are resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both partners. Don't take everything personally.

People are constantly being wronged. Your partner did not intentionally do something wrong, things happen. You are a team Together, you can accomplish whatever you want. Remember that you should not compete, but revel in each other's victories. Relationships are not a competitive sport, so, accept that you share the same goals and work together to resolve your problems. Trust and compromise They are known for their ten to seventeen skincare steps per night and while that might be a lot for you or me, there is a lot we can glean from the K-Beauty regime. I took it upon myself to fly there last year and see for myself. They indeed had more skincare options in the skin capital of Seoul than I could wrap my head around. There were sheet masks to beat the band and I was dizzy from the different options available. I found their love for natural skincare admirable. Concepts/Steps in Korean Skincare Pre-cleanse Koreans love an oil cleanse as their pre-cleanse or will use an oil-based balm or fluid for this purpose (as do the Japanese). They oil up the face with their hands in gentle, circular motions and remove it delicately with a warm face cloth. Korean skincare enthusiasts feel strongly that an oil cleanse should be followed with a foaming cleanser. It is very important that in each relationship, the partners can find mutual pursuits that both parties will enjoy. There is no need for quarrels because you are one soul and two bodies, that's something to remember when there are quarrels between you. Also very important, is the confidence you build in one another.

A relationship becomes stronger and more stable when you can trust the person you are in a relationship with. This must be established between you. It is important to have honest conversations between partners in a relationship or marriage. Each problem can be solved with the strength of two people who can honestly express their opinions. You need to express your likes and dislikes. Many people want to live according to spiritual ideals, such as helping others, kindness, generosity, sharing, etc In many articles, you will read about the ideal behavior that we should strive for. These are learned patterns that were implanted in our childhood. This works because the use of oil in the first steps will stop a potentially drying foam from sapping too much hydration from the skin. A wash or foam will also help to get rid of any makeup or oil traces and treat the skin with whichever actives it contains. This step is not a daily step for many. Korean people, like myself, understand that daily acid is too much for most people's skin. They exfoliate with a lotion or pre-soaked pad that contains a blend of acids or enzymes between once and three times a week, to keep their cell turnover ticking on and inhibit spots from forming. They, once again like myself, do not like facial scrubs for the most part and they treat their skin with a soft touch. The Korean concept of a toner is not like the Western one. Our toners can be astringent, acid-packed and drying. Theirs are soothing and hydrating, packed with botanical essences and things like rose water. They also use their toner as a penetrant enhancer to ensure the skin will take in all the lovely skingredients that are yet to come from their serums - now that I can get behind. Rarely does a family fail to teach their child that they should share with others, be good, and be obedient. This implicitly indicates to the child that everything will be okay if they put others before themselves. Obedience has always been valued above individuality.

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