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Experiment with centering your feelings before soliciting support

If you have been saying `I'm too irritated most of time', then that's what stops you. Then, for those of you that are interested, the next article will have a more in-depth and technical discussion of what is happening with your immune system. Step 1: Kill Off Candida How to do this was discussed at length in article 3. This is the most important infection to treat in CFS and fibromyalgia, as doing so takes a massive strain off of your immune system, freeing it to fight other infections. To recap simply, almost everybody with CFS and fibromyalgia should be treated for candida. There is no test that I consider reliable. Nasal congestion, sinusitis, intermittent mouth sores, or symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation) suggest that candida is present. I treat with a combination of the Pearls Elite probiotic, a natural antifungal such as Caprylex or Lufenuron, and 200 milligrams of fluconazole (Diflucan) a day for a minimum of six weeks. I use a compounded Sinusitis Nose Spray (by ITC Compounding Pharmacy) for at least six weeks at the same time as the fluconazole, to kill the candida and toxin-producing bacteria in the nose and sinuses. When this infection clears, so will many of your other CFS and fibromyalgia symptoms. People who have happiness as their goal get locked into the pain/pleasure motivation cycle. They never do what causes them pain, but always do what brings them pleasure. This puts us on the same thinking level as a child, who has difficulty seeing past his or her fear of pain and love of pleasure. There is nothing wrong with happiness. But in a healthy life, happiness comes as a by-product of doing what you love, having purpose, and giving back. You don't give your talents so that you'll be happy; Then you feel happy. Happiness is a by-product to enjoy, not a dream to seize. The other negative fruit of entitlement is that it freezes development.

While God designed us to discover and develop all sorts of great abilities and passions, entitlement influences us to stay right where we are. Be ready to disconnect any channel the instant you sense the threat of danger. Precognitive Empaths A precognitive empath is attuned to the energetic vibrations of the future. Most, however, do not claim to have any clear or precise predictions of days to come, and they often have very little control over how and when they receive information. A large number of precognitive empaths receive their empathic knowledge through dreams or visions, and the information they see is usually abstract or symbolic. Some precognitive empaths receive information while awake, but again, they are often the only privy to a general sense of foreboding or dread before a catastrophe, rather than being granted the precise information needed to prevent the disaster or adequately warn others -- some sense future happenings primarily through strong repetitive feelings of deja vu or phantom anxieties. Precognitive empaths may find that the ancient myth of Cassandra resonates deeply with their experience, eloquently illustrating how their empathic gift can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. In this myth, Cassandra was at first a mortal princess; Cassandra accepted the gift at first and agreed to be his paramour, but then changed her mind. Furious, Apollo layered a curse atop her supernatural gift; I want you to put short labels on it, just one or two words. I will show you some examples of what I mean below. Please forgive my apparent lack of sensitivity but I am not focusing on the negative because that is precisely where we are headed away from. My interest here is solely focused on your life getting better and your happiness becoming habit. I want you to create the starting points, the place where your journey of personal evolution and change begins. Once you identify that and decide it's time to break free of it, your life becomes absolutely magical. It becomes much more fulfilling, more enjoyable and more exciting. Once you target and label what has been in the way up until now, you know where the fences around your freedom are. The fences that you are going to jump past, break through or smash down to have the life you want.

You may have up to five or six big reasons. If the sinus congestion or gut symptoms recur, I will repeat treatment with another six weeks of the antifungals. Because of the immune dysfunction, some people with CFS/FMS need to take treatment long term. Some of the panels can be quite extensive and therefore costly. I find simply doing the bacterial culture and sensitivity and parasite testing to be most cost-effective. This is the main lab that I use for this, sending the second sample to the Parasitology Center when I am very suspicious of parasites. Diagnos-Techs and Doctor's Data. These are specialty labs that can also be helpful. When getting the stool sample, remember it has to be a loose, watery stool (ie, one that takes the shape of the specimen container). This is important to wash the parasite off the bowel wall and into the stool sample where it can be seen. Taking one or two bisacodyl (Dulcolax) tablets the night before is helpful, if you don't routinely have loose stools. It keeps us from growing, learning, challenging ourselves, or trying new things. It whispers to us, That sounds really hard and it doesn't look like it's worth it. When we listen to this voice, something inside us goes to sleep. We might become couch potatoes, video addicts, chronic partiers, or simply get in a rut and routine that becomes boring and deadening. When you find your God-ordained role, then all the unique abilities and strengths God programmed into you from the beginning begin to function together to fulfill your place in the ultimate great story. And even though happiness isn't your goal, you'll never be happier. Ponder a few questions that will help you make good use of God's framework for your life: Which of the five principles in this article has proven to be the greatest challenge for you to live out? In what area of life does the negative influence of entitlement most express itself against that principle: family, work, marriage, dating, or something else?

Think about a person in your life, family, or work who is entitled. Eventually, people came to think of her as insane. Similarly, precognitive empaths are likely accustomed to having their claims dismissed or disbelieved. Many even grow deeply discouraged by the opinions of non-believers, and give up on their gifts, distancing themselves from their prophetic knowledge on purpose. Like any form of empathy, precognitive ability it not fixed; If you identify as a precognitive empath and wish to enhance your skills, an excellent place to start is with regular dream journaling. The more frequently and diligently you record the abstract symbols and messages you come across in your dreams, the more likely you are to notice patterns or important details that stand out. Overcoming Your Fears If you're enjoying the article, make sure to go to Amazon and leave a short review. I would love to hear your thoughts. Social Anxiety Once you know them, the rest of it gets easier. So go for it! In the box are some typical reasons offered up by the thousands of people I have trained to date. Read them and let them prompt your own. Exercise: What Stops You? Write down in point format, in the left-hand box only, all the things that have stopped you from succeeding so far. What has gotten in the way? What prevented you thus far from getting to where and who you want to be? Step 1: Challenge

What stops you? At the same time, if you have chronic diarrhea, collect a second stool specimen to test for a special bowel infection called Clostridium difficile, which makes a toxin that can also trigger CFS/FMS. The stool test for Clostridium difficile toxin, fortunately, can be done well at any lab, making it more likely to be covered by insurance. The sample for Clostridium difficile (which is often simply called C. The other samples for the parasites are sent to one of the labs above and the directions will be included in the specimen kit that you order from the lab (with your health practitioner's prescription) before collecting the specimen. Treating Bowel Parasites Common parasites include giardia, blastocystis, and amebiasis. The appropriate treatment for bowel parasites depends on which organism is causing the problem. Some doctors will consider some parasites to be nonpathogenic. This means they don't necessarily cause bowel problems unless a person has immune dysfunction. Because people with CFS/FMS have immune dysfunction, I find it important to treat all parasite infections--and people often feel considerably better when the parasite is eliminated. How did he or she get that way? Family of origin? School experiences? Church relationships? A season of great loss or stress? Answering this question will help you not only to help that person, but also to focus on using the rest of the article to help yourself grow into the Hard Way of success. Consider God's own lack of entitlement. Although he is the only being in the universe who deserves to be entitled, his character overflows with humility and love. Ask him to help you live in reality in the way that he himself does.

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