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Negativity doesn't fester in you if you express it to others

Think about the pressure, stress, and emptiness that accompany the entitlement solutions of denial, perfectionism, and narcissism! You may also find you have a talent for designing homes or workspaces inspired by nature; Living in dense cities, or close to fault lines that cause frequent earthquakes and tremors, can ultimately have a destabilizing effect on you. They can disrupt your sense of inner balance. Claircognizant Empaths Also referred to as intuitive, claircognizant empaths can sense more about the people around them than their current emotional state or physical sensations. They pick up on energetic vibrations and frequencies, which sometimes allow them to receive specific messages about another person's past, future, or current circumstances beyond feelings. For instance, an emotional empath might meet someone new and sense only that the person is excited and happy, and the physical empath might share the feeling of butterflies in their stomach; They can sometimes even pick up on more specific details, like the name or age of this person's new love. Claircognizant empaths are quite rare, and those who do claim to possess this ability are, unfortunately, very often found to be frauds. If you are ever seeking assistance from a claircognizant empath, be very wary of those who appear to mass market their abilities, and especially those who adamantly pursue business from people in a state of grief or desperation. This truly can be your time to shine. Identify right here and now what it is that stops you. What prevents you from being who you want to be? If you can identify that, I hope to help you get past it so that the only question you're left with is: What can stop me? I don't need to answer that one, do I? What I am asking you to do now is to find out what gets in your way. I am not asking you why you have not got to where you want to go. I am asking you what gets in the way. Please think about it for a few moments.

You're reading this article for a reason and when you think it through you know most of the obstacles can be narrowed down to one or two reasons. Perhaps Chihuahuas. Any one of them, your healthy immune system would just shrug off and kick away. But if you have a pack of six of them jumping on you, you're in trouble. The job here is not to fight all the dogs. If we simply chase off three of them, your immune system can get rid of the others. It doesn't necessarily matter which three you chase off, but the biggest dog in the pack is the candida, so we go after that one first. There are certain infections where the organisms are, simply put, massive in size. For example, by way of comparison, if a virus was the size of the period at the end of this sentence, a candida (fungal) thread could be the size of a house. And some parasites would be even larger. We will teach you how to knock out these big bad bugs so your immune system can take care of the little guys. God's way is hard because you have to actually face yourself. But his yoke becomes easier (see Matthew 11:30) because you can then experience his grace, and the grace of others, to bear and relate to your real, authentic self -- negative aspects and all. This self can then be loved, forgiven, graced, and helped to become a transformed individual, full of grace, forgiveness, and mercy for others. Principle 5: Finding Our Role -- To Live Long and Contentedly, Find Your Purpose in Life and Fulfill It Life is complete only when you give back who you are to the world. God made you to pass along the good you have experienced. We don't feel fulfilled or in our right space in life until we find our passions, develop our talents, experience our mission, and engage ourselves in meaningful expression of those things to make the world a better place. We receive love. We become loving.

Then we give love to others through our relationships and our talents. If you identify as a claircognizant empath, be mindful of the fact that this rare gift comes with its fair share of risks and dangers. Reaching a state of emotional intimacy with others may prove to be a lifelong challenge for you, as you will struggle to recognize boundaries or to foster trust with others. If you choose to incorporate your empathic power into your career, be careful to maintain a balance between your work and your personal life, and don't allow your intuitive knowledge to lure you into a warped sense of confidence or invulnerability. No matter how strong your claircognizant power is, the world can always surprise you. Medium Empaths An empath may identify as a medium if they can sense or communicate with spirits who have passed away. They are also sometimes referred to as channels. Their powers most often work as a telephone wire, translating or transporting messages from a precisely defined source outside of the mortal or physical realm to interested parties here on earth. Occasionally, mediums can function as a surrogate body for a deceased entity, letting the spirit's voice, mannerisms, posture, and facial expressions flow throughout their bodies while the empath falls into a sort of black-out state. No matter what form a medium receives messages in, their gifts are extremely rare and often present very differently from one empath to the next. The same stuff that keeps cropping up time and time again. But what I want you to do is begin to notice what it is that gets in your way. I want you to start to note it down in the space set out on here. Keep in mind that this is not a counselling session. I am not interested in eliciting pain or tears. I am not interested in your life story to date. You cannot undo what is already done so there is no use in complaining about it. All that produces is more of the same. My guess is that you have had enough of that already.

I am not interested in the blame game either. There are literally dozens of infections implicated in CFS/FMS, and the most important ones to deal with fall under four categories: Candida/yeast infections (discussed in article 3) Antibiotic-sensitive infections (eg, Lyme disease) Viral infections Parasites In addition, in some cases, it is not the infection itself but your body's reaction to it that causes your symptoms. Evidence is suggesting that the immune system has trouble shutting down after eliminating some infections in CFS/FMS. This then causes it to exhaust itself, setting up a scenario for infections with common, and often benign, organisms. I would like to start with going after the simple infections. Then we will discuss the more complex area of viral infections followed by Lyme disease and its coinfections. God made it this way from the beginning. Listen to humanity's first mission statement: Fill the earth, and subdue it (Genesis 1:28). He designed us to bring order and fruitfulness to the world. Therefore, we are at our best when we work hard, do what we are good at, and bring that good to others -- whether it be manufacturing airplane coatings, writing music, or selling real estate. This is the task part of life, the doing aspect, which expresses itself in a career, a service, or a hobby. Finding your role means that you are giving back to the world over time in a sustained and steady way, and this attitude actually contributes to your living longer. Research indicates that the number one factor in longevity is not social relationships or happiness, but conscientiousness, described as persistence, dependability, and organization. There are two ways entitlement stands in the way of finding your role and finding fulfillment in it: One of the most limiting ideas of entitlement thinking is that the end goal of life is happiness: I just want to be happy, that's all.

Entitlement says that the highest good is to be a happy person -- but in fact, that is one of the worst endgame goals we can have. Some mediums can choose when and how they receive signals from the beyond, while others seem to receive messages at the whim of the spirits they commune with, whether their timing is convenient or not. Some mediums channel messages from the divine rather than from the deceased. The one definitive trait that all mediums share is the ability to source information from the immortal plane more easily than they can interpret messages from the living. As with claircognizant empathy, there are unfortunately many con artists and frauds who falsely claim to possess this type of power and use these feigned abilities for the sake of personal financial gain, at the expense of believers and right mediums in turn. If you genuinely can sense energy or messages from the deceased, there is nothing wrong with offering assistance to those grieving the loss of a loved one; However, everyone should be wary of mediums who pursue clients, knowing they are in grief or otherwise emotionally vulnerable. Many mediums find the experience of channeling all-encompassing and immensely exhausting. If you identify as a medium empath, you have likely already learned to be careful about which spirits you allow to use your body and mind as a channel. Corruption or possession by malicious spirits is a severe risk, and since there are so few empaths and healers in the world who are equipped to eradicate such afflictions, you are better off avoiding the possibility entirely. Stick with spirits that you feel comfortable with, and trust in your gut instincts. I am not looking for a long and tedious rendition of a sob story. You know the kind that goes `When I was a little helpless innocent child they took my soother away from me. The best thing about the past is that it is over. You are here, in the now. You can be strong and you can take control. Things will work out so much better this way. If up until now you believed that you were not confident enough, well then that's what stops you. If you have being saying to yourself `I'm not a good people person', well that's what stops you. If you've been saying `I'm depressed', then that's what stops you.

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