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Fear of asserting yourself

The reality is, if you focus on where it is you want to go, you will get there. He is now finding dramatic results in CFS, fibromyalgia, and a host of other conditions by using a combination of herbals that suppress the activation and reproduction of retroviruses. Retroviruses are a family of viruses that actually insert themselves into human DNA and make up 5 to 10 percent of the healthy human genome. This means that they are not so much infections as part of how our genetic makeup developed. Most of the time, these are kept turned off unless needed. Dr Klinghardt is suspecting that many environmental factors, including the overt increases in environmental electromagnetic frequencies (radio, TV, internet, cell phones, etc) may inadvertently turn these viruses back on. As an aside, most of these human-made frequencies do not resonate with human cell frequencies. So, they would not be expected to be a problem. But the ones that do can be an issue. They can disrupt and confuse our body's own internal communication systems. It would not be hard to have public safety research done to see which frequencies need to be avoided (this would be easy to do, and simply require adaptation when systems are upgraded in the future). More often, however, it begins with a grudging change in behavior because of pressure from both relationship and reality. The attitude change comes later. The reason it occurs more often in this way is because the entitlement illusion mentioned earlier gets triggered by the initial threat, and the entitled person believes that he or she must hold on doggedly and determinedly to the I'm not wrong/I deserve special treatment/I don't impact people negatively stance. For when these entitled individuals finally do see reality, they may feel sadness, guilt, remorse, regret, and shame for their actions. They know it would be overwhelmingly painful. So they default to the standby position: It's better to ignore reality and feel okay than to see reality and feel bad. Your job, as a change agent, is to help these individuals overcome their aversion to dealing with reality. Evaluate Your Equity Why should your employee, date, child, relative, or spouse listen to you in the first place?

Most likely, you have had some sort of conversation with them, perhaps several. Present an idea at work that you are confident in that will be well-received. Present an idea at work that you are confident in, but is riskier in how it will be received. Start a conversation with a coworker you have only had brief interactions with. Make conversation with a stranger (in a safe, public setting). Take yourself out to lunch. Leave your phone in your pocket and your reading material at home. Show up to a dinner party by yourself. Join a article club. Start a article club. Ask your new neighbor to join you for a stroll around the neighborhood. The problem for most people is that they give up too easily. Our brains love what they already know, what's habit. However, our brains can only learn by doing different things, new things. As you got older, rather than respond instinctively as you did as a child, you began to think about things and you began to choose immediate comfort over change. But the devil you know is not always better than the devil you don't. Each time you hesitate, a little more uneasiness builds and builds until it becomes unbearable. It lingers in the background of your mind as a nagging feeling that you are better than this, while your old brain says you can't keep going on changing things willy-nilly. The Laws of Repetition and Association Both parts of the brain have their useful functions.

The older part, to build and keep habits, works through The Law of Association and The Law of Repetition. But sadly, I suspect that what is occurring is that this research, and effective discussion about the topic, is blocked by companies with major financial interests. For more information on retroviruses, Dr Klinghardt's lecture to physicians on this topic Retroviral Infections as Causes of Chronic Diseases can be found at www. Another article by him, The Role of Retroviruses in Chronic Illness--A Clinician's Perspective, can be found at www. Regarding some of his concerns on electromagnetic frequency pollution, I generally do not begin with avoiding those, unless the person is having electromagnetic sensitivities. I find it best not to get overly worried about everything in the environment, especially those we can't yet do anything about, but rather to give our bodies what they need to thrive in the modern milieu. What I want to focus on here is the herbal protocol that he is recommending. The list below also gives the different websites where these can be found. The cost is about $100 to $200 a month, and it may take up to three months to determine effectiveness. Results may be seen with even just the first two treatments below. The first five are the most important supplements. Many people with an entitled individual in their life have a naivete about it called defensive hope. This means hope based on no reality at all. It's simply hope based on desires or wishes. These people hope because they hope because they hope. Henry Cloud and I write about this phenomenon in our article Safe People. The reality is not that it was like he didn't listen; You need to do more than repeat yourself, hoping that this conversation will cause the aha. Instead, you need to evaluate what equity exists in your relationship that will influence him to pay attention. It generally takes a mixture of the following:

The relationship. Go for a walk by yourself and acknowledge the people you pass by. Keep your eyes off the ground. Fear of Rejection Most people fear rejection, but for an empath, this can be particularly poignant. Empaths are inherently loyal, caring, and generous, especially with the people they care about the most. As highly sensitive people, it is excruciating when they are shut out of someone's life or betrayed. As empaths are often portrayed incorrectly in pop culture, they may be reluctant to come out to the people in their life. They worry that they will be viewed as weird and flaky or that they simply won't be believed. But you should feel free to tell people who you really are. Clarify what it means to be an empath. Once it finds something that works, it keeps on seeking it out and doing it over and over again so that it feels natural. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for your habits. It is good for learning and remembering stuff. It is good for learning how to ride a bike, drive a car, swim, speak etc But it's not perfect in that it has not got a lot of discernment. It is based on the here and now and does not take into account the future consequences of not repeating something. For example, you might be familiar with the following scenario inside your head: Oh but that's not very healthy But all those extra calo- I'm dying here, where's the goddamn chocolate!

It's party time! Go slow and start with a low dose. These are powerful treatments and may cause a Herxheimer die-off reaction. Cistus incanus tea. Drink 6 to 8 cups a day, but work up to this amount slowly. Dr Klinghardt recommends bringing the leaves to a gentle boil, putting the lid on, and simmering for five minutes. If this is too much work, just pour boiling water on the tea and steep for five to ten minutes in a teapot or press pot. Just keep the lid on as it steeps to prevent the therapeutic oils from evaporating. An excellent tea to use is from Ki Science (www. The one from BioPure (www. It costs $25 for 174 servings. If you have been caring, loving, dependable, and helpful toward this person, all of that matters. Logged in his brain cells is the history that the two of you have that shows that you are truly for him. Your personal appeal to the person can make a difference -- something like, Do you realize that I am `for' you, even in this tough time, and I want to help you? You can draw on this. You have earned it over time. Don't start with the warning, You had better get your act together. Instead, start with kindness: I care about you, and I want better for you. To tell the truth, I know I can't make you change, and so I sometimes feel a bit helpless. This often helps the person to be less defensive and to see how she affects your life and feelings.

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