Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Finding social support

The second I am writing this sentence is a new beginning from the last sentence. When you fall in love again, it's a new beginning. Yes, you get to integrate every single thing you learned from the last thing. But this new person, this new love, this new beginning--will be nothing like the last one. While choices about the future are limited only by our imagination and resources, we have far less choice about the past. As difficult as it is sometimes to change a present situation we have gotten into, changing the past is impossible. The only real choice we have about the past is to change our present point of view about what happened: to change our context about the past. If you find yourself regretting or resenting the past, or dwelling on it--is that the best choice as to how to be expending your energy right now? How about taking the point of view that you made the best choices you could make at the time, and turning your attention to the present? If you look back in hindsight and say, No way--that wasn't the best choice I could have made, be careful! That was the choice you made, consciously or unconsciously. Unless you learn something new, you're likely to make the same choice again in a similar situation. That's where personal growth, greater awareness, and increased understanding of yourself come in. I'm not saying to put blinders on and be a Pollyanna, ignoring reality. My sister, Lorraine, had been taking her youngest daughter, Sari, to a doctor's appointment. After hearing from Dad, they didn't go. Instead, they turned back to pick up her middle daughter from school. Lorraine told me later that Jordy, called down to the office, had skipped in, happy-go-lucky, excited that there was something going on--some reason to get out of class. But she looked at my sister's face and saw something else. My sister said, Marci's been in an accident.

Jordy didn't speak. She went straight to her locker, got her things, ran back, and they were already at the hospital when I arrived. Lloyd was away on business in New York. I didn't see him until that night, but one of his brothers came to the hospital to see if I was OK. Like one of those gestalt pictures, the shapes shift totally and you suddenly feel completely confident in your outlook. It happens all at once. It feels great. A new day has dawned. The old way no longer has any hold on you. You know you can do it. Whatever it was that you had lost or never found, you now have it. Like a jewel, it is precious to you and you hold on to it tightly. It is yours alone. Remember, though, that the jewel that you were never going to let go of may slip out of your palm in a thoughtless moment. Diane's painful injury curtailed her retirement plans. She found herself stuck at home, or spending her days going to tedious medical and physical therapy appointments. Diane started to stay in bed late into the morning because I can and because there really isn't anything else that I can do. Diane's husband and friends tried to encourage her to modify her activities by using a walker or crutches to get around, but she ignored these suggestions, insisting that she simply couldn't accept that her life had become so limited. She was angry and disillusioned and refused to accept the pain that she was experiencing, further exacerbating her distress. Her doctor suggested that she see a CBT therapist, and she reluctantly agreed.

When we met for the first time, she said that her goals for therapy were to make the pain go away and to fix her depression. Don't Believe Everything You Think We live in a world that emphasizes the importance of words and thoughts. This article you are now reading is an expression of how human beings rely on words and stories to describe and make meaning of things. But don't despair; I am going to share the cold hard truth about weight gain with you and the solutions that will help you avoid becoming one of those statistics. Belief: The only symptom you get with menopause is hot flashes--they aren't so bad, are they? Truth: Bullshit. I had symptoms practically falling out of my vagina. Belief: I'm too young for menopause. Truth: Really, you think so? You think it's just for old ladies way past their prime, not fresh and vibrant like you? Many women are confused about when perimenopause starts, and I don't blame them. I've had women in their late forties believing it wasn't even possible they were in perimenopause, because they had this idea that it would happen sometime in their fifties or later. First, we asked our volunteers to sleep normally for two nights (so we had a baseline to work from), then go to bed three hours later than normal for two nights. I felt I couldn't ask our volunteers to do this experiment unless I was ready to do it myself. I was also curious to see what effects it would have on my blood sugar levels. Back in 2012, I had discovered that I had type 2 diabetes, which I managed to get rid of by putting myself on the 5:2 diet and losing 20lb (9kg). Would a couple of nights' bad sleep set me back, even now? After two nights of severe sleep deprivation, I went back up to Leeds, where I met up with Dr Scott and the other volunteers.

Everyone complained about having the munchies. As one of them put it: I wanted lots of biscuits and I didn't just have one. I'd go for 10 custard creams. Is that unusual? Is the air warm? Is it snowing in this world? Can you feel the snow or heat upon your skin? What sounds do you hear? Can you make out the distant cawing of seagulls? Is it absolutely silent? Are there birds chirping all around you? Are there any smells in this place? Does it smell like strawberries or fresh-cut grass? Does the scent of the forest fill your nostrils? People under stress are often pressurized for time and often cope by relying on convenience foods to eat `on-the-go'. These kinds of foods tend to have poor nutritional content, and often contain pretty toxic additives, sweeteners, colorants, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. Not a good scenario on the food front - and we know diet affects brain health directly and indirectly. The other issue with stress and anxiety is that it drains the body of resources over time because our bodies have to constantly draw on its reserves to cope with demanding and intense situations. I will discuss exercise in more detail throughout this article, but for now, it is important to know that a sedentary lifestyle lacking in exercise has poor outcomes for overall health and terrible consequences for the health of every organ and system within the body. The corollary to this is that being modestly active, engaging in sensible levels of appropriate exercise regularly will confer benefits to your overall health, and support every single organ and system within the body, without exception.

Your brain needs exercise, and your brain needs your body to get exercise, especially if it wants to remain healthy, let alone to perform at peak levels. Neurotransmitter Balance - Having them is not enough, balance is key These are little messenger molecules that live in the ends of each of our nerve cells. These little messengers are important for our nerves to function properly because they are responsible for bridging the gaps between nerves. Much faster currents, such as the things you see or hear, represent sensory information (30 or more cycles per second). So, a combination of different currents seems to be the brain signal, allowing our brains to do a lot of stuff simultaneously. One cycle of slow WM activity may include seven cycles of sensory information, for example. It will not be surprising that the WM function of the brain, which enables you to think, read, and do the math, is complex. One reason why WM is so complicated is that different parts of the brain are built into the memory system, and these distinct parts of the brain need to talk to each other. When neurons fire at the same time, various parts of the brain talk to each other. Think about how several different individuals play instruments together in a band to understand what this means. When the rhythms are coordinated, the tune sounds good, which means they go together in time. Another reason that WM is complicated is that electrical signals are already very complex in any part of the brain. Scientists have to break down the brain signal to make sense of it. What Are Dysfunctional Automatic Thoughts? Dysfunctional automatic thoughts are thoughts of the subconscious beliefs that respond to everyday events. These are irrational, self-defeating, and can lead to social anxiety disorder (SAD). There are several dysfunctional thoughts that people can commonly engage in that influence mood and behavior. For the average person, this may cause some concern. Still, for the alcohol or drug addict, this type of thinking generally only leads to one behavior using alcohol or other drugs.

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