Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Practicing Rejuvenation

Nervous Energy and Anxiety A feeling of energy is valuable in any communication; Learn to overcome and discard such activities as tapping feet, darting eyes, drumming fingers, and fingers that fiddle with necktie, jewelry, or hair. If you are subject to anxiety in meetings and interviews, practice breathing deeply and regularly. Yet the key to solving your pain is actually the opposite. One of my favorite phrases is, motion is lotion. For a ligament that is sprained or a muscle that is tight, incorporating some gentle movement will greatly accelerate the rehab and healing process. If you are struck with low back pain, you may have the urge to lay in bed, but that's always a recipe for disaster. To eliminate back pain for good, walking (aka motion) is vital to recovery. It increases blood flow to the whole body and allows for improved healing. Are there exceptions to this? Of course, and I'll be discussing some of them in upcoming articles . Mistake #2: Painkillers and the opioid epidemic If you've watched the news, then you know the United States has a huge opioid problem right now. Gets rid of some of the body's waste products, including salt and ammonia, through sweat Helps protect us from sun damage by manufacturing melanin that tans it Produces oil to keep itself comfortable When exposed to sunlight, synthesizes the vitamin D we need for strong bones and healthy organs Houses our sense of touch, which allows us to enjoy a tickle or a hug and also alerts us of potential damage to our body via pain or discomfort Self-heals the cuts, nicks, scrapes, stings, punctures, bruises, burns, and blisters that we inflict on it day to day

Our skin can also reflect our state of health, since it's our body's biggest and fastest-growing organ. Get this: If you could unzip your skin, step out of it, and put it on a scale, it would weigh between six and nine pounds and cover an area of about 20 square feet (depending on your height and size). In other words, it would weigh about as much as a lapdog and could replace the carpet of a small yoga studio! It's also the largest organ that's visible to the outside world, so if you're not getting certain minerals in your diet or you're eating lots of junk, it will absolutely show up on your skin for you (and others) to see. I'll road map how to love yourself through a new beginning. PRACTICE, NOT PERFECTION The hardest part of starting really seems to be loving yourself through it. It's clunky--it's going to be so clunky--and that's okay. It's supposed to be; Not in this exact way. Every new relationship, I REALLY think I get it. I've done this before! I have loved before, been a good partner, called someone back--how can this be any different? But with each new person we love--whether romantic or platonic--we are matching two lived experiences that have never been matched before. You have some new beliefs, even in this short time; If you were offended before, maybe you're amused now. If you felt warm or trusting before, maybe you feel put off or a little betrayed knowing I had a hidden agenda. I don't want to make too big a deal out of this little example; But just look at the difference in how people feel about and judge this little tiny thing! Imagine what a difference your context makes in how you view your job, or a personal relationship.

Is there a difference in how you feel and respond if you believe someone offended you on purpose rather than by accident? Does it feel different to do a chore if you believe you are appreciated rather than being taken advantage of? That's why it's so important to know more about context and how it affects your life. Choices about the Past Meanwhile, I had asked the paramedic to call my dad. Then Dad called everyone else: my mom, my sister, my work. The newsroom manager at CTV, Karen, was a good friend of mine. She said to him, What do you mean? I just saw her. He had to repeat to her, gently, Karen, Marci was in an accident. And such an accident. A television chopper was covering it because it had blocked the highway. Colleagues of mine on their way for the afternoon shift saw the wreckage on their drive to work. When they arrived, they were horrified to learn that it was us. Follow your fascination. Resist the rut. You owe nothing to people who want to use you or feed off you. Believe me, they will find someone to take your place, someone who is still willing to be controlled by guilt and intimidation. Many times the confidence comes from simply not putting yourself in situations that tear your confidence down. Confidence Is Not a One-time Decision

Think of yourself as a person who has been bewitched by a wicked spell. You have been told that life is a certain way, with rules and prohibitions against your becoming who you were meant to be. Now, you sleeping giant, you are beginning to wake up. It may even begin to seem incredible that you ever believed those old things. Then you will learn how you can balance your thinking to be more accurate and helpful. Once you have mastered this core skill, you will examine the internal beliefs that are feeding your thoughts and consider how you can address them and create more accurate and helpful beliefs about yourself, the world, and others. The feelings that accompany depression, such as guilt, worthlessness, fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed, can sometimes feel like they come out of nowhere, but research has helped us understand that our feelings generally arise from thoughts we are having about ourselves, others, and the world (Beck 2005). When we become aware of our thoughts, the negative feelings that are a part of depression begin to make a lot more sense. These thoughts are incredibly powerful mediators of our experience, yet when we examine them, they are often inaccurate and unhelpful. The first step toward changing how you feel is beginning to identify the thoughts that underlie your mood. DIANE was a 63-year-old woman who lived with her three beloved dogs and husband of 40 years. Her children were grown and out of the house, living adult lives. She had retired from her job six months earlier and had looked forward to traveling more, walking daily, and volunteering. She suffered an injury to her leg that limited her mobility and ability to engage in the active lifestyle she had always enjoyed. Vaginal atrophy and dryness, and in some cases incontinence, can make sex more uncomfortable and less desirable. Belief: Menopause makes you fat. Truth: Most menopausal women are overweight. I know you do not want to hear that, but the research shows this to be true. A study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data found that 68 percent of women aged forty to fifty-nine were classified as overweight or affected by obesity. This number increased to 78.

Now to be clear, this isn't all menopause's fault, but the age range is significant, as we know this is when the majority of women will go through the stages of menopause. Most women report gaining up to five pounds during their menopause journey; I probably gained closer to ten. In fact, the report shows that 20 percent of women studied gained ten pounds or more. In the dream he was performing an experiment on frogs that would allow him to test his theory. As he later wrote: I got up immediately, went to the laboratory, and performed a simple experiment on a frog heart according to the nocturnal design. The experiment worked and later won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Things That Go Wrong If You Don't Get a Decent Night's Sleep Why Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat A bad night's sleep not only affects your brain, but also messes with your body, including its ability to control your blood sugar levels. In the long run, this can lead to obesity and diabetes. A few years ago, to see what impact even a couple of nights of reduced sleep can have, I took part in an experiment with Dr Eleanor Scott, who works at the University of Leeds. We recruited a group of healthy volunteers and fitted them with activity monitors and continuous glucose monitors--devices that are strapped to the arm to measure blood sugar levels. In this way, we were able to constantly monitor what was happening to their blood sugar levels without having to prick their fingers repeatedly. Do these areas feel significantly heavier than the rest of your body? Keep listening to the sounds of your breath. I want you to use your imagination now, think of the most relaxing place in the world. Your space could be a beach with rippling turquoise waves, or it could be in the center of a beautiful forest. Your quiet place could be a field full of cotton candy and lollipops or a room in your house where you feel exceptionally safe. For the next few minutes, I want you to explore this imaginary place in your mind.

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