Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Meeting the two drivers of change

Choose to turn your mind literally into something else, ideally absorbing and enjoying exciting and optimistic thoughts. You may end up singing instead of stretching, so pick music without lyrics if you want to play something in the background. I like to pick a spot to exercise that is away from distractions. If you are running the group in a senior living community, you probably face a lot of potential distractions: staff members walking by, medications being passed out, and family members stopping in to visit. When one person with dementia becomes distracted by something, it tends to be contagious. Distractions are also another reason that you want to keep your exercise program relatively short. Getting Them Engaged Hearing the word exercise makes a lot of people cringe. I have found that asking individuals living with dementia if they want to exercise does not often receive the desired response. Instead, I often skip the question. Come with me or Let's sit here is usually how I start my exercise program. This was the catalyst that drove me to try everything. As previously shared, I also tried out for everything, only to experience rejection after rejection. Again, fortune came my way with the wise words of my father, that there was no such thing as failing, unless you quit trying. This message I internalized and credit to providing the momentum in my endeavors to this day. Yet there was a missing link, I knew deep inside that much of my losses with each try-out had to do with my lack of popularity. I am by nature an introvert and fit the label, wallflower, to a tee. The erroneous message I did carry forward was that I, although I may not be a quitter, I also could not be a winner. I was just not popular enough. The imbalance?

I worked hard, harder than most anyone, yet never stopped to celebrate my achievements, nor expected to be celebrated. Then research showed that by adding in the turmeric's essential oil, called turmerone, absorption of the curcumin was increased 693 percent. So suddenly one capsule replaced seven. This new form, available as CuraMed (and for pain as Curamin), changed everything. Now one capsule was as or more effective than 350 capsules of turmeric. Suddenly, over a thousand studies could now actually help people. I was so elated that I was going to write a article on it, but my friend and cancer researcher Ajay Goel, PhD, beat me to it, saving me a lot of time. I happily recommend his article, Curcumin: Nature's Answer to Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases. For Athletes Forget steroids. Here is an amazing (and legal) mix to dramatically increase endurance and performance: Instead, many people find a stop sign and say either in their heads the word, stop! Offer yourselves to excellence. Learn to laugh at errors and challenges, welcome human error, and find irony and fun in it as it happens. Suppose people's lives are full and there are likely alternative explanations for what could be seen as a snub or power play otherwise. Realize that it's not about you most of the time. Prevent causes. Keep away and limit your time to people or situations that lead you to feel depressed and think again as much as possible. Identify who and what and how your sensitivity to these stimuli can be reduced. Go to stream.

Find areas of your life where you get so lost, whether it is playing the piano, shooting hoops, reading, walking, or kayaking. I then start an exercise and tell the person or people to follow along. Some individuals need more encouragement to start or keep going, so add in a lot of praise. People are much more likely to keep going if they feel encouraged and positive about what they are doing. Working with a Disruptive Party One of my favorite residents at my first community was also one of the more extroverted individuals that lived there. Sheri didn't speak, but she generally understood what was happening around her and always wanted to be involved. She had a tendency to walk into a game that involved a ball, grab the ball, and then walk away with it. Sheri did this with full knowledge that she had interrupted the game--she enjoyed the attention that she gained when everyone yelled at her to return the ball. Eventually, knowing that this was Sheri's goal and that there was really no way to prevent her from accomplishing it once she was in the room, I had other staff members keep her occupied in a different space of the building. EXAMPLES OF EXERCISES AND PHYSICAL GAMES Now don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed my journey immensely, yet the lack, as subtle as it is, was there and put me on tilt. Due to the subtlety of my imbalance and it being all that I knew, it required me taking the time to invest in creating room for self-reflection with the intent to become acquainted with my inner healer - to intuitively learn and become my own BFF. This walk was based on my choices and willingness to trek through the fogged area to get where I knew I needed to be. You see, although I lost my hearing so could not pick up on the frequency of my intuition, my BFF never left me. Your intuitive side is pure, moral, and loyal to you. When you cannot hear, you are prompted in other ways to get to where you want to be, if this is what you really want. This wanting, even when you are lost in the fog, requires you to use your free will. It is a gift. I call it a gift as this is what makes life, life.

We are born, hypnotized through our growing years and experiences, and play at adulting before we depart. The Energy Revitalization System multinutrient powder The Smart Energy System Recovery Factors Recovery Factors is a unique porcine peptide support formula. It is discussed in detail in article 17, Nutrition Intensive Care. I recently completed a study on this and the results, which can be seen at www. In the study, we used four tablets twice a day for maintenance. Here is information from Emile Kok, who has had over a decade's experience helping thousands of people with the Recovery Factors supplement: The most we have given anyone was forty tablets in one day, given to an ultra-marathon runner before and during a 110-kilometer ultra-marathon in Vietnam. He improved his time from the previous year by one and a half hours and had no pain the next day. Schedule the stream times for events in your life every week, if possible, daily. Learn, learn, practice, and practice! Ultimately, pick some of these tips, training, and practice. Study shows that it takes a lot of practice to hardwire a new habit, so be patient with yourself and just continue to use your unique strategies to turn your mind in an overthinking way. You should be both happier and more productive with time and practice. You can practice a relaxation method like progressive muscle relaxation because people who display generalized anxiety often have high levels of responsiveness. Take up short-term activities that are captivating and enjoyable to take your mind off certain things and distract them from specific negative thoughts. These could be activities that have been useful in the past. An exercise is a vital tool for managing worry.

When you exercise, brain chemicals are released that counteract low moods, fear, and anxiety. Mimicked Stretching I have found that people living with dementia mimic others very well (figure 12. Even for individuals who are advanced in their dementia, watching and following others is far from a lost skill. Sit across from your individual or group, and announce that it's time to wake up a little bit. Announce each stretch while you are demonstrating it, and then do it along with everyone else. Here are some easy, seated stretches to try: While sitting, stretch your legs out straight and touch your toes. Rotate your ankles. Flex your foot and point your toes. Stretch your arms up in the air. Each of our journeys are varied from another because of our freedom to choose to turn right or left in the moment. The power of now is fuel, manifested and utilized when we consciously chose to be in the flow of the moment. We live in the present whether we acknowledge it or not. When we allow the now to go without notice, we may wander in the fog for a longer time than intended. When we consciously embrace being in the now, we are aligned within and without. This synchronic energy is bigger and greater than you as one person. This synergy is a concerted commitment between you, your BFF, and your Creator. So, as you can see, the calm before the storm is the discipline, desire, and decision to use your free will and set your course. This act of embracing your free will is empowering in and of itself.

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