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What's each state costing you?

You are taking the stance of overseeing who you are today. Had he had six or eight tablets, I'm pretty sure he would not have experienced that level of benefit--it gets used up under severe stress, duress, or energy expenditure and in those cases higher dosages are required. We have what we call a sports protocol, which is to take half the dosage twenty minutes to half an hour before exercise and half immediately after . If there is a lot of endurance required, typically an additional half dosage would be taken halfway through the event (especially in the case of a marathon or cycle race), which gives the athletes a fresh pair of legs. A top cyclist who won't cycle without the product anymore says that the lactate threshold changed for him and he is able to push harder than before. For the athletes out there, I invite you to give this trio of supplements six weeks-and prepare to be amazed! Please email me at fatiguedoc@gmail. Important Points Eat whole foods instead of processed foods whenever it's convenient. Remove sugar and other sweeteners from your diet. Stevia, a sweet-tasting herb, is a healthy substitute. The practice also acts as a distraction from problems and reduces nervousness. Exercise at least once a day for half an hour, with cardio, exercises at least three days a week. Incorporate organized problem-solving strategies to handle stressors that contribute to your worry. Everyone has problems and challenges in their lives, but they are more visible and challenging to handle if you always get worried. A useful strategy to combat this is training in organized problem-solving. Efficient problem-solving techniques minimize, reduce, control, and even prevent worrying in our daily lives. Avoid activities and situations that foster anxiety by confronting your fears and facing them directly but gradually. For instance, you could place them in a hierarchy, depending on which step you fear the most. These fears could be: Arriving late for a meeting, Not checking your mobile phone for one hour, Going grocery shopping without a shopping list, Planning a birthday party, and accepting an invitation without checking with your calendar.

Well, as soon a person has been able to identify and question his or her negative thoughts, then the next line of action is shifting attention away from the negative thoughts. Hold your arms out to the side and rotate them in small circles, clockwise and counterclockwise. Slowly roll your head around on your neck. Smile and then frown, smile and then frown. Mimicked stretching can even engage individuals with advanced dementia Weight Training Who says that people with cognitive impairments can't do weight training? These weights should not be more than five pounds (figure 12. This is a great program to introduce if the person or people with dementia feel like they aren't being challenged enough with normal stretching. This can also be an excellent program for individuals who used to lift weights but stopped once their cognitive issues progressed. Adding hand weights to a stretching routine can help people with dementia who don't feel challenged enough You are actively choosing to untether from the past, your compass is no longer driven by the reactionary emotions and behaviors from the negative ramifications and conditions of yesterday. Nor has its needle moved by the anticipation of a preconceived and pre-determined tomorrow. Your compass runs on the energy of what you choose to give in the moment that is presented to you. The power here is what you give it. You decide if you use your free will as the foundational landmark to start your journey, one mindful step at a time. This is your call and your result. Eva, in her mid-50s, reports experiencing distress to the point she could not continue living in an environment that did not honor her true nature. Eva reports feeling alone in her full house. Eva lived with her husband of 25 years, her young adult son, and elderly mother.

She was the hub of the family. Take one scoop of the Energy Revitalization System multivitamin powder plus the Smart Energy System daily. Put both in a glass, add 8 ounces of water, and stir with a fork. This will supply more than fifty key nutrients and herbals in one drink and two capsules, and replaces more than forty-five capsules of supplements. Prepare to be amazed! Take HRG80 Red Ginseng. Treat a too-low iron level with an iron supplement. If you have dry eyes, dry mouth, depression, or inflammation, take fish oil (Vectomega supplies all you need in one tablet a day). If you are on cholesterol medications (called statins) or have severe fatigue, add coenzyme Q10. Take 200 milligrams a day with a meal containing oil. Exercise: Does Sex Count? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy assists in identifying and challenging these assumptions and helping individuals to develop alternative beliefs that are healthier and better for their well-being. Experiences have shown that mindfulness-based interventions will also aid you to remain focused. Adopt Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness, recent studies have suggested that worry may present itself as a way of doing away with emotional processing. Involve yourself in what is called emotion-regulation strategies and mindfulness skills, as these will boost the form and manner in which you identify and experience underlying emotions. Do away with the use of medications that will sedate you. Don't binge to relieve your anxiety. They may provide temporary relief from stress, but frankly, it will come back later. Instead of doing these, set up a time to consult a specialist or go for CBT if symptoms occur for longer than three months regardless of the above measures. Become a person of action

F inding a balance between thinking and acting is a challenge for many people, especially for those who are independent. Balloon Toss If you've ever been to a senior living community, you have probably seen residents play this game (figure 12. It can be used one-on-one or in a group setting and requires minimal setup. You will want an inflated balloon (or two) and maybe some foam pool noodles, although those are optional. Hands, pool noodles, feet, and even tops of heads are useful during this game. Turn on some background music and begin by tossing the balloon to someone. Balloon toss is an easy activity that can engage small and large groups If this is one-on-one, sit across from the individual. If this is a group, gather everyone in a circle. In large groups, to increase the amount of time that the balloon stays afloat, you may want to ensure that the more physically active residents are seated next to residents who aren't as physically active. She reported that the only thing the other three parties had in common was her. Although it appeared to complimentary, she shared it was anything but, as she was there for them without any reciprocity. None of them knew who she was as Eva nor was there any room in the home for her to be. She had lost sight of her potential. She had known for decades that she was an intuitive healer yet pushed it aside as it was not accepted by her family. She shared being raised by German parents, who were practical and only valued the analytical reasoning in life; In turn, she married what she knew, an analytical thinker who had no time for what he referred to as her nonsense. Eva shared her intuitive healing in her teaching career, yet this was no longer enough. She reported that something deep inside her woke up and she could no longer suppress her truth.

She real-I-zed as she lived to serve those who refused to give back, she was in slavery, and she was ready to break free now. BFF Summary Find a way to exercise that feels good. Do it with a friend on a regular schedule. No pain, no gain is stupid. Start slowly. A little bit can go a long way. See how many steps you are taking each day, and add about fifty steps every few days as is comfortable. Get an exercise app like Fitbit, and slowly increase the lengths of your walks as feels best, aiming for six thousand to ten thousand steps a day. Take your time reaching this goal--there is no hurry. Have a regularly scheduled exercise routine--with a friend. How much time should you spend thinking versus acting? We hear advice all the time about creating plans for action, which implies that a careful collection of thoughts should govern all work. But then there is also the pressure to Do It Now, which requires immediate action all the time and especially in these changing times of today. How to know when to think vs. It seems clear that the right balance of both is required, especially when you have your own business. However, the problem tends to yield to a small change in perspective. One that allows us to see that acting and thinking are much more similar than different. One of them is a physical action; I believe that the imbalance between thought and action is itself a symptom of a much larger internal inconsistency.

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