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Physically and emotionally cocooning and healing

As done so far in this article, we will seek the motivation for this statement in our physiology. A 2017 study found that 25% of girls in UK schools suffer from some form of depression. And they are just young girls. Not only that, but their paintings of depression also stemmed from a burn out syndrome caused by an excess of pressure. Now that it's been approved and manufactured, it's going through hospital politics to get them to spend the extra money for the stabilizer, and that's a whole other challenge we're working on. I'll be visiting a lot of hospitals to tell Amanda's story and make my pitch. I never question why I have chosen to do this with my life or if I am capable. I was a normal suburban mom, full of pain, exhaustion, and dealing with a lack of finances, and I turned all of that loss and grief into something positive because why not? What a waste of a life to not even try. Not only did I make a promise to Amanda, I feel an obligation to be a steady and positive role model for my two daughters. My mission means more than that, too, as it's become my own path to tranquility and light. I've been told that our tears are treasures in heaven, and if that's true, there must be a river with my name on it. No matter how tough someone looks on the outside, we're all fragile. I'm grateful that people continue to be there for me during times like this, and I want to be part of someone else's fragile moment, too. For that reason, with your mental models, you are better placed to make sound decisions. So, what are mental models? Simply put, these are thought processes that people use in examining problems at hand. Through these models, people can effectively reason. The views, perceptions and imaginations that they have in their minds influence their reasoning. As such, with the right mental models, people can make logical decisions that affect their lives positively.

From the mental models that people have, they can define the world around them. They can relate and share ideas with others as a way of improving their lives. Consequently, the absence of mental models in this world would only hinder people from making decisions that affect their lives. What's more, without shared views and mental models, it would be hopeless for people to find collective solutions to their problems. TWO APPARENT TYPES OF FEAR It may seem that there are two types of fear: 1) fear alerting us to danger; However, even a fear alerting us to clear and present danger, which comes from a survival response, is a thinly veiled call to love for self or others. This fear alerts us to an actual physical situation that needs to be acted upon. By saving the life of someone, or by saving your own life, you are also making it possible for that person to be liberated, at least potentially. So, since a fear that alerts us to danger is ultimately a soul-liberating fear, all fear has soul-liberating properties. Soul-liberating fears have the potential to guide you directly to your spiritual liberation. It can be important to realize that a soul-liberating fear is actually related to the ego-mind. Here we are susceptible to innocently believing the illusion that we are somehow separate--most immediately, separate from our true essence: love. The illusion can also include the notion that we are somehow separate from any other living being or thing or space. The incredible part is they perceived the pressure not so much outside of them but as a self-demanding attitude: they felt they had to impose themselves to be successful in life, without a margin of error, without escape. We know the problems related with self-demanding since 1908 when Robert Yerkes and John Dodson published the result of their investigation. Their study can be resumed in a curve where our performance drops gradually and then vertically once the pressure starts to block us. On the right side, so where the curve goes down, the following words appear in the graphic: High stress, Anxiety, Unhappiness. Going deeper into the research they did, we can see that one of the most relevant variables related to those words is the self-demand. When the pressure is too high, we start to add much more pressure by ourselves and we act as the most exigent boss.

Our performance is not good enough, never! Again, the central nervous system stops working properly. The curious thing is that this study is still famous, but as a proof of how low pressure negatively affects our performance. Yerkes & Dodson found a correct level of pressure vs performance and gave us precious information about that. Like minds think alike, and like hearts feel the same way. Spend your life with a grateful heart because tomorrow is never promised. If that's the only thing I can offer you, I think it's worth a look. FROM MICHELLE Lorraine is vulnerable, humble, and human, and on the day we met, she invited us both to heal. Like the other moms in this article, Lorraine is a regular gal, a mom who reacted to personal tragedy by choosing to improve the lives of others. We helped Lorraine, but the reality is, she helped me much more. After my mom died, and when I had cancer, I became stuck in a cycle of torment. At times, the fear paralyzed me, but Lorraine, faced with her own burdens, didn't waste a moment wrapped up in her own pain. Instead of collapsing, she took action. This means that people will not understand each other, as there is nothing that brings them together. Looking at the bigger picture, mental models not only helps people in understanding how the world works, but it also draws people to comprehend their position in it. It is worth noting that different societies have got varying mental models. Some people might depend on mental models that are destructive. Others might choose to hold on to contradictory models, and they will use them to explain how they view the world. Mental models matter a great deal.

As such, they should not be taken for granted because they influence how people make decisions. Ideally, since life is based on the decisions that we make, it means that mental models play a crucial role in helping us control our lives. This guide aims to help you understand what mental models are and how they can help in transforming your life. You might have been struggling in your life, trying to make sound decisions, but nothing seemed to work. When we believe that we are separate, the ego-mind does two things: it creates a separate I and ego, and it creates fear. Another way of thinking about this is that, as pure love itself, when you believe a thought that you are separate from anyone or anything else, you send spiritually charged energy (love) that seems to be going away, stretched, or separate from you. Living in the illusion of fragmented love can give birth to love that is conditional, that is, love that is not complete. Conditional love is a potential setup for pain. THE FEAR OF BEING HEALTHY AND HAPPY A soul-liberating fear is therefore untrue, and often, like witnesses at a trial, thoughts will come to you with evidence of opinion posing as fact. These fearful thoughts are the birthplace for excuses, procrastination, and much suffering. For example, let's say you want to begin a healthy lifestyle to exercise or bring your body weight to a healthy state. A soul-liberating fear would sound like a block in the way of realizing that healthy state. I'm afraid to have a healthy lifestyle because . Thanks to them, we know how a balanced pressure can let us work better. But still, the part of self-demand is not so easy to be discussed in public as seems too difficult to fit in our high standard culture. We should think about that before starting any process of personal development and it is even more recommendable when we are codependents. As codependents, we are open to let others mark our times and we can often lose the focus: Healing is our business. It is up to us how to find the best way to do it, but when we introduce in our process the anxiety to force times, we can become too self-demanding and we can lose contact with the peace we are looking for. We can do it, and every time we do, we make this world a bit happier thanks to our personal choice to be happier.

Now I guess we should talk about mindfulness and the great importance of living in the present, but these are topics for other articles. I t ends here. The time has come to leave us. It is never easy to leave especially when such an intense journey of memories and emotions is ending. Her pain was not any less--I felt it in her eyes and in her voice the first time we met--but she allowed the wound to lead her. Lorraine is my friend for life. I don't believe in accidents. She was meant to enter my life, and to this day I am grateful she did. The night before I began chemotherapy in 2008, I took my seven-year-old son to the doctor, as he was feeling out of sorts and not looking well. I attributed this to my health crisis, but I wanted to be sure. Within five minutes, he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. This ridiculous shock seemed unbearable as I was already dealing with cancer. He spent five days in the hospital and I began my chemotherapy. Thank God for our extended family. Likewise, it could be that you are trying to take on a new journey where you strive to find direction in your life. This article details the power of mental models and their relevance in critical thinking. Accordingly, through the detailed information you will be getting herein, you will live to become a better version of yourself. Mental Models There is no doubt that the view you have about the world around you can have an impact on how life unfolds itself. For people to grow and live happy lives, they have to master the art of creating and adopting the right images in their minds.

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