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Quality time with others lessens loneliness

All births have the potential to be positive. The hypnobirthing programme I teach is all about helping women - and their birth partners - to create these positive birth experiences. It's beneficial for birth partners to learn about hypnobirthing too, as it equips them with practical tools they can use to aid Mum's relaxation, a framework to help them ask the right questions, knowledge about how to make the environment conducive for birth and a comprehensive to-do list, so that they know how to best support Mum in labour. Hypnobirthing helps birth partners to feel confident, empowered and prepared for the job, rather than feeling nervous and like a spare part in the room. In hypnobirthing we believe giving birth is a team effort and not a one-woman job, so make sure you share this article with your birth partner. Finally, hypnobirthing benefits your baby by ensuring that they have a gentle entry into the world and are met by a mother who feels relaxed, confident and happy. A positive birth gives everyone the best start. In this article I will cover everything that you would learn on a hypnobirthing course, from start to finish. As you progress through the article and learn more and more, you will feel as though you are completing a course - a fun one though! This is no boring textarticle. Many lie detection experts take that to heart by looking at the eyes to assess whether someone is lying. One theory is that eye movement indicates whether individuals are being truthful. If they glance up and to the left, they are likely searching for the truth by retrieving a memory. If they look up and to the right, they are probably constructing an answer using their imagination. Researchers investigated the supposed connection between eye movements and truthfulness. In one experiment, 32 participants were asked to tell a mixture of truths and lies. Researchers monitored their eye movements and found participants were just as likely to look in either direction when telling lies and truths. Another study involved researchers watching 52 videos of real people making public pleas to help find their missing loved ones. Half of the individuals in the videos were known to have been lying and half were telling the truth, according to case outcomes. Again, there was no connection between telling lies and eye movement in any one direction.

For bosses directing staff on a day-to-day basis, it is important that they consider organizational values as they establish behavioral norms within their sphere of influence. Organizational values should also be consistent with the bosses' own credo of effective management. A good example of how alignment of organizational and manager values can pose challenges to the credibility of the system and the individuals in the system pertains to open information sharing in times of major flux and change. Successful organizations often profess that they value transparency and keeping everyone in the company informed about important strategic directions and overall business prospects. This value is tested when major changes are being considered, such as mergers or acquisitions, adjustments at the highest executive level, organizational restructuring and reductions in force. First-line supervisors may be kept abreast about all emerging developments pertaining to upcoming changes, but be told to keep some information close to the vest for a certain amount of time. At other times they may be as much in the dark as the people they manage. These circumstances test the alignment of organizational and individual manager values. The best approach to instances when values seem to be misaligned or when the organization's behavior seems at odds with professed values is to remain true to yourself, routinely advocate for the organization to follow the values it has prescribed, and keep the channel of information with staff as open as possible. Applying empathy skills, managers will understand the considerable stress that staff experience as changes unfold. In the quantum realm there are no fixed objects, only possibilities. In the quantum realm, everything is interwoven and inseparably one. Quantum leaps are a feature of the quantum realm. A quantum leap is the ability to move from one location in space or time to another without having to go through any place or time in between. One of the laws of the quantum realm is the Uncertainty Principle, which states that an event is a particle (matter) and a wave (energy) simultaneously. Your intention determines whether you see a particle or a wave. In the quantum realm, an observer is needed to create an event. Before a subatomic particle is observed, it exists only as a virtual particle; Your own body/mind system is also an expression of the same quantum field that underlies everything in the universe. Therefore, you can apply these quantum principles to the way you look at your body and aging.

I will guide you through the hypnobirthing course I teach, in the order I teach it, article by article. After reading it, I hope you feel informed, prepared and armed with everything you need to create your own amazing birth experience. This article promises to make your birth better! Becoming a mother is a huge undertaking and it can take its toll both physically and mentally. Growing a human is no mean feat and places significant demands on a mother's body. There is also the emotional and psychological impact of assuming this new role, especially as it carries with it such immense and often overwhelming levels of responsibility. It's very common, if not universal, to occasionally mourn one's pre-child life. Then there are the 24/7 demands that need to be met by the new boss who will quite literally throw his/her toys out of the pram if you fail to deliver what they want in a timely fashion. Throw a shedload of hormones into this messy cocktail and it's not difficult to understand that the transition to motherhood can be tricky. And all this on a few hours of broken sleep. Gaze Aversion and Fidgeting Former FBI counterintelligence agent, Joe Navarro, often asked jurors post-trial why they believed a witness was lying. They usually responded it was because the witness touched their lips prior to answering, touched their nose, looked away when answering, or made small movements, especially with their feet or hands. Most police interrogation manuals agree with the public's view that touching the mouth, fidgeting, shifting posture, and avoiding eye contact, are cues to deception. Yet, there is no good evidence these behaviors are indicators of deceit. Nevertheless, research shows that eye aversion does not differ between liars and truth tellers, and some studies have found that liars maintain more eye contact than truth tellers. Verbal Cues If nonverbal content isn't a cue to deception, then what about verbal communication? Research confirms there are differences in how liars and truth tellers speak. For example, liars tend to speak for shorter periods and provide less details.

To remain credible through these difficult periods of change, managers need to reemphasize their commitment to share information when they learn it and are empowered to divulge it given all the circumstances that must be accommodated. A manager's credibility is an asset to be valued, protected, and invested in through consistent, honest, competent, and trust-enhancing behaviors with one's direct reports. To create supervisory relationships characterized by loyalty and active following, managers need to understand and engage in behaviors that reinforce the critical role that credibility plays in creating this type of healthy leadership environment. The converse assumption is highly pertinent as well: behaviors that diminish credibility are very harmful to the supervisory relationship and to the organization as a whole. The truth is that credibility is far more difficult to establish and maintain than it is to lose or become diminished. Trust builds over a series of consistent and credible behaviors, but can be seriously tarnished with a single misstep. Credibility is a personal attribute of leadership created through the process of alignment of the following: Managers build credibility through rigorous honesty, under-promising and over-delivering, avoiding sidestepping the delivery of difficult information, embracing a learning culture for staff, and explicitly sharing one's beliefs to allow staff to observe supervisory actions consistent with these beliefs. POWERFUL PRACTICE #5: MAINTAINING PROPER BOUNDARIES Being the leader of the Huns is often a lonely job. Rephrased in terms of your biology, they would be: You are not merely the physical body that you identify with out of habit. Your essential state is a field of infinite possibilities. Your body is inseparably one with the whole universe. When you are perfectly healthy or whole, you feel expanded. You become constricted only when you have discomfort or dis-ease. This comes from a feeling of separation. You are capable of taking quantum leaps in perception and interpretation. With these quantum leaps you can alter not only the experience of the physical body but its very structure. Your physical body is capable of taking a quantum leap from one biological age to another without having to go through all the intervening ages in between.

Which is why preparing for this life-changing event is so important. Sleep deprivation is the shared torture of new mothers. Therefore, preparing for this life-changing event is so important. I'll say this more than once: the benefits of hypnobirthing and a positive birth experience extend well beyond the birth itself. What you are going to learn are life skills: tools and techniques you can use to navigate pregnancy, birth and parenthood in the best way possible. As you read this article, you'll discover that the hypnobirthing programme is really logical - common sense, even. Lots of what I will talk about is based on scientific understanding of our anatomy, the autonomic nervous system (which controls functions not consciously directed) and the latest evidence-based recommendations for best practice in birth. For those of you who, like me, love a stat or fancy a bit of fact checking, at the back of this article you will find a list of the sources that I reference and recommended further reading. As you read you will start to realise how so much of what you think you know about birth is actually the result of social conditioning. You may well start to feel cheated, even lied to. Their stories also tend be less logically structured and sound less believable. It turns out, however, that even when people are familiar with the verbal cues to deception, they are still bad at detecting lies. This is because cues to deception are just not particularly useful. Nevertheless, their accuracy of detecting deception was still just 56 percent. Unfortunately, if you want to know whether a person is lying, you cannot simply listen to them. If neither verbal nor nonverbal communication is particularly useful in catching liars, how were investigators able to catch Zubayda and the five Central Park suspects in their lies? Central Park Five When the jogger was attacked in 1989, the public was convinced the five teens - who repeatedly incriminated themselves and each other - were guilty. Ten days after the crime, Donald Trump, a Manhattan real estate developer at the time, reportedly spent $85,000 on full-article ads in the city's major newspapers calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.

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