Thursday, 29 October 2020

Silencing Your Enemy Within: Negative Self-Talk

In both brain areas, awareness of one's body control. This better perception of your feelings also increases the so-called gut feeling. This basic instinct and intuitive knowledge are often an excellent guide in our lives. Having the power to retain important information is important for his or her employment. If they find their memory lacking it could have serious consequences that stretch far beyond a number of the minor annoyances that they could experience once they forget to try to do things. A cup of coffee or tea within the morning could be just the prescription to spice up the memory enough that the remainder of the day you function at full memory capacity. An equivalent is often said for the lull that a lot of people experience by mid-afternoon. Having a bit of chocolate or a cup of cocoa stimulates your memory again and therefore the remainder of the day will flow as smoothly because the beginning did. What To Eat to spice up Your Memory Being conscious of the nutritional value of the foods we eat is clearly essential to a healthy body. Eating the proper combination of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats works towards keeping muscles strong and organs functioning the way nature intended. Our minds are not any different and eating foods rich in certain nutrients can help alleviate brain fog and boost our memories back to the place they were once we were younger. It only seems natural that since most of our body is fueled by the healthiest of foods, feeding our minds an equivalent way follows suit. This suggests defiance and sends a provocative message. TIP: Your objective is not to appear passive, but open, willing to listen, to learn, to change, and to cooperate. YOUR SCRIPT: TAKING CRITICISM Some ways to profit from close encounters of the worst kind:1. BOSS: I don't want to run you down, but you should have been able to process those orders faster. Your trouble is that you need to delegate responsibility more effectively. YOU: I appreciate what you are saying.

I'd be grateful for any advice you can give me on how to expedite these kinds of orders. I'm open to suggestion. I would certainly like to see the orders get out of here faster myself. Ice cream would be a hit, but it melted quickly in the hot sun. Fruit cups would go bad if they were not sold fast. So, I went to my local supermarket and noticed little plastic containers of fruit juice. They were light and would last indefinitely--an improvement on the other options I'd considered. The price was also right. The grocer was selling seven juices for one dollar, and I could fit about fifty in my cooler. Next thing you know, I was selling the drinks on the beach for one dollar each. Soon, I had to bring in a friend to help me out. We were both football players who could work all day carrying the coolers around the beach. Of course, trouble always followed me around. Fred beams. Anything else? Trudy replies, Well, I didn't want to mention this, because I thought you'd think I had a swelled head, but if you really want me to feel special, when you introduce me to your friends, I'd really like it if you referred to me as `Senator' rather than `the little lady. Gosh--I always called you `the little lady' because I wanted you to feel special. With the misunderstanding ironed out, things go a lot smoother in the Fred-and-Trudy household. Trudy never does come around to bringing Fred breakfast or making lunch for him, but Fred is surprised to discover it's not such a big deal anymore. In fact, in addition to the satisfaction he gets simply by giving her special treatment, the increased intimacy in their relationship as a result of understanding each other's needs better makes Fred feel very special.

With much continued hard work, which is well worth it, they live happily ever after. I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--which is: Try to please everybody. It's easy to focus on one thing (for instance, filling your Success Checklist) and ignore the other things you need to do to have a great life (for instance, taking care of those undones and honoring your commitments). Sometimes it's difficult for us to identify exactly what our own strengths are. These tests make that easier for you. When I did the Via Character test, I discovered that one of my greatest strengths was curiosity. I was not expecting that at all. I assumed that one of my greatest strengths would be kindness or humor--both came up in the results--but yeah, curiosity beat them both. Curiosity is described by the Via Character test as Taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake; This is so true of me--after all, that's why I'm writing this article and continue to research the bejeezus out of menopause for y'all! I do my best to put my top strengths into action. They look something like this: My favorite thing is to go down a rabbit hole searching for new information. Slows Down the Aging Process It generally accepts that not only does our skin become wrinkled with age, but cognitive performance also deteriorates. However, we can strengthen the areas of our brain that are responsible for memory, sensory perception, and emotional assessments through meditation. Usually, the density in the prefrontal cortex in the cerebral cortex decreases with age. In long-term meditators, however, it was found that the cerebral cortex is up to five percent thicker. There is a significant difference, especially among meditators between 40 and 50 years old, the thickness of their cerebral cortex corresponds to that of 20-year-old. Above all, fluid intelligence, ie, the ability to think logically, benefits from long-term meditation.

Positive Effects of Meditation on Our Physical Health Better Sleep Through meditation, people behave much more attentively in everyday life, and they can control their emotions better and do not quickly fall into emotional stress. There has been extensive research done into studying the consequences of certain minerals and vitamins in reference to brain function. It's normal that sugar, although a short-lived stimulant, quickly loses its luster and although we'd feel very vibrant and alive after eating a candy, within an hour or two our bodies become sluggish and less responsive. Our minds and thus our memories would feel an equivalent high and crashing low if fed a diet of sweets. Eating sensibly is vital for enhancing your memory. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are said to figure in helping memory function. The advantages of antioxidants are often related to fighting cancer and playing a positive role in certain diseases of the guts. Now with the knowledge that they also work towards improved memory function, having them as a staple within the daily diet seems natural. Some samples of foods readily available that are high in antioxidants include carrots and certain sorts of nuts. Tea is additionally a superb source of antioxidants and its benefits reach well beyond boosting the memory. Another product that helps with memory function is soy. BOSS: I have not been entirely pleased with the quality of the work coming out of your department. I want to talk to you about it. YOU: I wasn't aware of a problem, so it is very important that we talk and I get your input. BOSS: You've got some big, big problems here. Let me tell you something, I just won't tolerate it. YOU: I'm aware of the problem, and I'd like to sit down and talk to you about it. I want to hear what you've got to say, and then I'll tell you how I plan to make improvements.

It would be very helpful to get your opinion on the steps I plan to take. TIP: Your boss may actually be spoiling for a confrontation. In all cases, your best verbal strategy is to avoid confrontation without, however, evading the underlying issues. One day my friend and I found ourselves surrounded by five or six tough guys trying to intimidate us. They said there was a union and we couldn't sell on their beach. Now I knew just as well as they did that nobody was supposed to be selling drinks on the beach, so there was no union. No permits were issued, and if the cops saw us, we were always chased off the beach. This little gang picked the wrong guys to mess with. We had a little brawl, and by the time it was done, they were a mess. As the fight ended, they said they wanted us to stay but asked if we would join their union and help kick others off the beach. Because I am a capitalist and believe in competition, we said no thanks. How to Raise Capital First things first: if you are not 100 percent committed to your business, then don't ask others for money. So this article is a kind of troubleshooting guide, like at the back of the VCR instructions where it says: If pressing the power button does not turn on the VCR, check to see if it's plugged in. If you get stuck on your road to happiness, flip back to this article and see if you've fallen into any of these pitfalls. Use Fulfillment Strategies, Not Survival Strategies If there's only one piece of bread on the table and you're starving, it makes sense to do whatever it takes to get that bread. You'll guard it jealously; That piece of bread is a matter of survival: whoever gets it wins, and the others lose. In a world of scarcity, survival is a win/lose game.

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