Thursday, 29 October 2020

Upgrade Your Affirmations

If you're really doing these things just because you want to, and not to try to manipulate or induce guilt in your mate, chances are he or she will learn from the example you're setting and eventually start to give back some of the experiences you've been creating yourself. You may be surprised to learn that it works just as well for you to create those experiences yourself as it would for your mate to create them for you. Your sense of fulfillment comes from meeting all the items on your Success Checklist--and it doesn't make a difference in the quality of your life whether it's you, your mate, or someone else who's setting up the structure to meet them. You may have heard this one before . An old Cherokee was teaching his grandson about life. A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil: he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. He continued. The other is good: he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you--and inside every other person, too. The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, Which wolf will win? The old Cherokee replied, The one you feed. Methods such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, or stress management methods such as MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) have long proved ways to get a grip on stress and sensation of anxiety. The results, such as relaxation and a feeling of satisfaction, can felt quickly. Our physical and emotional stress experienced is strongly linked to the stress hormone cortisol, which has shown to reduce through meditation. A connection between reduced stress experience through meditation has also scientifically proved: the substance of the right almond kernel (amygdala) in the brain decreased in meditators, which was significantly associated with a reduced experience of stress and fear. Emotional Stability and Positive Thinking Monks are known for their cheerful, happy disposition. According to scientific studies, this optimistic attitude goes hand in hand with a demonstrably more active left frontal cortex.

This area of ? The amygdala is part of the brain's limbic system and controls, among other things, the psychological assessment of situations. This area, in particular, is less active among meditators. Finding a quiet spot is extremely helpful once you want to meditate. Some people also feel that having essential oils or candles burning adds to the required ambiance. If that does assist you relax then it's getting to beneficial to the whole process including helping you to re energize your mind. There also are certain scents of oils and candles that are said to be beneficial for memory function. Meditations are often taught during a class and there are usually classes offered at natural health care facilities and sometimes even at regular gyms. For an individual who feels as if their mind isn't as sharp because it once was, taking one among these classes will benefit them for years to return . Feeling as if you're on top of your game mentally may be a wonderful self-image booster. For someone who feels less comfortable within a category of individuals learning meditation, there are many articles and manuals that provide substantial information on mediation as a way of empowering the memory. Some offer illustrations of body position and alongside descriptions for the breathing exercises. Following the methods outlined daily will open the person up to the advantages of meditation. I've had a good example set for me. You've given me a lot of support. It's meant a lot. I don't give praise lightly. Reply with: I know you don't. That's why I'm thrilled with your remarks.

They mean a great deal to me. Taking Your Lumps--With Dignity Let's face it: Criticism from the boss is at best disturbing and, at worst, chilling. If it's a company or franchise you want to acquire, become very familiar with how the business operates. Hire an accountant to audit all the financial records and review them with you. Have a thorough understanding of the cost of goods, profit margin, payroll taxes inventory, physical assets, short-term and long-term obligations, and liabilities. Has the company paid their taxes? A qualified accountant can walk you through all the numbers. In addition, hire a lawyer to review leases, permits, and contracts. A lawyer may recommend you buy the assets of the company and not the legal organization itself. This can protect you if, later on, you discover something was not disclosed. Don't hire an accountant or lawyer who intimidates you. You should be comfortable asking lots of questions. Playing by the Golden Rule, or simply being the way you want others to be, works in any relationship. In fact, you may find that as a result of treating other people the way you want to be treated, you start attracting new friends into your life who want to treat you the same way back. Communication Again Suppose one of Fred's core needs is feeling special. Yet Fred's wife, Trudy, doesn't do all the little things for him that make him feel special--you know, the things his mother did for him, like bring him a cup of warm chocolate milk in the morning, or cut his peanut-butter sandwiches into triangles. Fred feels bad because he wants Trudy to make him feel special, and she doesn't. What can Fred do?

First of all, this idea of making him feel special is a trap. That kind of phrasing leads to looking at the situation from a victim point of view: Trudy may behave in a certain way, and Fred may feel a certain way when he's around her, but it's Fred who's making Fred feel how Fred feels. So Fred, being an enlightened husband and being accountable for his own fulfillment, decides to lead by example. LIFE IS ALL about learning to feed the good wolf, and two important factors in building the resilience you need to make it through menopause are being kind to yourself and knowing your strengths. When you've had an angry outburst or an explosive argument, do you punish yourself afterward? It's pretty common to beat ourselves up, yet doing the exact opposite and showing yourself some kindness instead will get you back on track much faster. When you develop a friendship with yourself you can provide yourself with support and compassion in your angriest, most anxious, and saddest states. When we are agitated and in fight-or-flight mode, showing ourselves kindness helps us to re-center and regain our executive functioning and the ability to be mindful about what we say, what we do, and how we cope with difficulty and conflict. If we accept our negative emotions rather than fighting them, we can keep them under control without denying that we are feeling them. Often, our most difficult emotions carry important messages about how we can make life better for ourselves. If we push them away, we miss the message. And remember, showing compassion to yourself isn't about telling the negative, critical voice to Shut up! It's about treating that voice with kindness and compassion, because, after all, that's you, too! Therefore, they encounter conflicts and problems less irrationally. The hippocampus is also part of the limbic system and is responsible for regulating emotional reactions. Excessive stress reduces the size of the hippocampus, which can result in emotional imbalance or even depression. Thanks to the stress regulation and reduced cortisol release through meditation, the gray substance of the hippocampus thickens, and the ability to regulate emotions improves accordingly. There are 4. According to a study, meditation could be an alternative for the treatment of depressive disorders, comparable to antidepressants and behavioral therapies. Mindfulness and Patience

Many people suffer from the daily carousel of thoughts, in which they jump from one idea to the next without interruption, and often plans repeated in an endless, stressful spiral. The goal of meditation does not have to be to switch off these thoughts but to strengthen the ability to be present in the immediate moment during meditation and in everyday life. Improved mindfulness results in less emotional stress being triggered by overthinking about the past and future. By using the techniques described they're going to not only be relaxing their bodies but fueling their memory also . Having a relaxed and clear mind is one among the foremost important aspects to having a robust memory. Boost Your Memory With Caffeine There are tons of negative reviews of the results of consuming coffee, tea or eating chocolate due to the quantity of caffeine that these substances contain. There could be a bright side to the caffeine cloud though and that is how caffeine can play a crucial role in boosting your memory. Often we experience short term memory problems. Sometimes it is often whether we turn off the water after we brush our teeth or if we lock the door before we visit bed. Life is busy and it is easy to forget a number of the smaller things that we deem granted. Our minds may need trouble focusing due to a conflict at work or stress reception . This is not an uncommon occurrence and it happens everyday to people of each age. Nevertheless, while you may never learn to welcome criticism, you can adopt strategies of responding to it in a constructive manner. STEP 1: Accept criticism as an opportunity. All criticism, even unmerited criticism, is useful to you. Criticism, after all, may actually point out things you are doing ineffectively or poorly--things you could do better. STEP 2: Fight the impulse to respond defensively. Listen and learn. STEP 3: Realize that criticism is a perception, nothing more.

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