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Tune in to intuition to find a solution

Paul says, `Programme your own mind before someone else does. There are probably more viruses that we don't even know exist than the ones we have identified. We will discuss approaches to going after these. It is possible that viruses that affect the gastrointestinal tract may join this list in the future. COVID-19 is now becoming another major CFS/FMS trigger. The standard tests for these viruses include an IgM antibody, which usually only goes up in the first two to three months after the initial infection. Because in CFS/FMS these infections represent viral reactivation, and generally not the initial infection, this test is fairly useless. Meanwhile, the IgG antibody tests for these viruses will be positive in over 90 percent of healthy adults, as this test simply shows that you had this infection in the past. Therefore, a positive IgG antibody test by itself is also relatively meaningless. This is why seeing most infectious disease doctors, with some rare but notable exceptions including Dr Nancy Klimas, Dr John Chia, Dr Joseph Brewer, and Dr Susan Levine, is usually just an exercise in frustration and a waste of time. They have no idea what to test for or how to interpret the tests in CFS/FMS. A great deal of the problem is blindness to the problem itself. What causes such blindness? Entitlement creates the illusion that My life and how I impact others are not problems. This illusion creates an atmosphere within which the behavior can continue. If the individual were, instead, to think, My life and how I impact others are indeed problems, and they are my problems, he'd be much more likely to do the hard work required to change. Keep this in mind: Working with entitled individuals rarely succeeds after one conversation. It takes a series of conversations and events over time -- but it does work. In this article, I'll present an overview of the elements that give you the best odds of really making a difference in that person's life, of really making an impact on her attitudes. Look at this article as a tool kit that gives you what you need to help the individual move from entitlement to Hard Way living.

Remember that there are no guarantees here, and also that no one is a project. Overcoming Social Anxiety The following methods are tailored to help empaths with social anxiety; If you choose to seek therapy for your social anxiety, please let your therapist know that you're an empath or have qualities of an empath. This will help them to adjust your cognitive behavioral therapy to best help you. You may even find that your therapist is an empath too! Many empaths are drawn to this line of work. Imagine the worst-case scenario. When you have come up with an extremely negative outcome, analyze the likelihood that this could happen. If you have a presentation coming up at work, your worst-case scenario could be that you would open your mouth to begin, regurgitate your last meal, and be fired. When you think about it in this manner, you will realize that the actual likelihood of this happening is absurdly low. If you experience daily tension and irritation it may be because you have been fulfilling someone else's dreams and your unconscious is knocking on your door to tell you to wake up, your freedom is on the line. It's time that you take a deep breath in and start to feed your unconscious with the right suggestions, the nicest images and the best outcomes. Start to use your mind, your imagination and your creative intelligence so that you can begin to program in ideas, the fuel that will support you from moment to moment. Once this happens, then you are ready to make good decisions. You are ready to claim your personal freedom. Your future will already be looking brighter. You don't have to have everything down to a fine art. We don't all have to be the Michelangelos of this world. You just have to master the art of living a life worth living and that's what you are now beginning to do.

Many of us hesitate and say, `Well I'll get to that later'. Viral Testing in the Suspicious Cases Here are the viral tests that I check in people with the symptoms in the next section or with persistent symptoms despite treatment: HSV-1, HHV-6, CMV, and EBV IgG antibodies (I don't check IgM). Total IgG antibody levels along with IgG 1-4 subsets to look for further evidence of immune suppression. This is discussed below under immune function. On the other hand, research is suggesting that very high levels of the IgG antibody may suggest viral reactivation. Because of this, if the IgG antibody for the HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus 1), HHV-6 (human herpesvirus 6), or CMV (cytomegalovirus) is greater than 4 (or 1:640 or greater, which is another way these tests may be reported), I am more likely to suspect a reactivated viral infection that needs treatment, especially if the person is not feeling adequately improved with other treatments by four to six months. EBV (Epstein-Barr virus)--the virus most commonly responsible for mononucleosis (mono)--tests are more complex. A sample of results in twenty-eight healthy people by Dr Nancy Klimas, one of my favorite CFS infectious disease researchers in the whole world, found that the median (kind of like average) result for each of the following tests was: EBNA (EBV nuclear antigen): 235 (levels over 600 are in the top 25 percent of the population, and therefore suggestive). God gave people free choice, which we must respect. Don't you want to maintain your own freedom to choose, as well? Look at it this way: You are influencing these individuals to be whomever God designed them to be in the first place. Even if they show little interest at first, remember that God created them to be healthy. He set up his world in such a way that the Hard Way leads to the best life possible. Whoever they are, a part of them intensely wants this. Finally, never forget that God is on your side -- and if he is for you, then who can be against you? And remember: All of us suffer from the entitlement disease to some extent, and that's why, even though this article is written to help you help the people in your life who have the entitlement disease, I'm also urging each of you to apply these lessons to yourself as well. They will help you live more successfully.

You will see yourself in these articles! Now that you considered and rejected the extreme, rationally think about the most likely outcome. You may stutter a few times or not keep eye contact; Keep in mind that this is your area of expertise. People are attending the presentation to hear what you have to say for a reason, and it is not to see you fail. To take a pessimistic view of people, they would consider it a waste of their time. Use your nervous energy to prepare. Practice your upcoming presentation. Do it in front of the mirror. Give the presentation to your spouse. Use your self-care techniques the morning of your presentation so that you are as relaxed as possible. But with time, you can never tell for sure how much of it you have. That's why it is important to make every moment count. I often ask the question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T DOING THIS? And if the answer is `anything', then I know I am not making the moment count. Get into the habit of asking yourself: IS WHAT I AM DOING REALLY WORTH DOING? DOES IT MAKE ME HAPPY? And if you act on this each time you ask, soon you will be making more and more moments count.

You don't have to go changing everything at once. VCA (viral capsid antigen) IgG: 186 (levels over 517 are suggestive). EA (early antigen)--10. We are just starting to also check Coxsackie B viral titers. See below for treating elevated levels (which can be anything at or over 1:80). Again, these tests are not absolute. When combined with the symptoms below, they may be helpful in determining which antiviral to begin with. Also remember: Over 90 percent of the healthy population are positive for these tests, so a positive test by itself means nothing. Instead, I use the presence of very high levels in the tests and/or the symptoms below to decide whether to use an antiviral. I am more likely to suspect an important underlying viral infection if: The person's CFS/FMS began with a severe flu-like illness and symptoms persists despite SHINE. The process of helping an entitled individual resembles physical therapy. Not long ago, I damaged the rotator cuff in my right shoulder by working out in the wrong way at the gym. My injury didn't require surgery, but I had to go to Dave, a physical therapist. Dave resorted to a number of techniques to help me. He had me stretch, use rubber bands, get electrical stimulation, and use cold packs and hot packs. He had me work on other parts of my body that had overcompensated for the weakness in my shoulder. He worked on my rest periods and my nutrition. In time, I came back to full strength. But during the whole period Dave and I worked together, even though we were on the same wavelength about the process, my rotator cuff hurt.

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