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When a problem arises, is my first impulse to pick up the phone?

Having this freedom to choose means that we own, or take responsibility for, the consequences of our lives. This way, the negative energy will be divided, which means that you will have to face less stress. There are no hard and fast rules as to how you should deal with an energy vampire. It will depend on the situation. So, you might want to try the different techniques in this article. The more experience you gain, the more that you can identify the right technique to use in every situation. Empath Types But to hone and master your empathic skills, you'll need to determine what type of empath you are. Essentially, this is a question of what form of energetic vibration you pick up on the most easily. The most common empath types are listed below. As you read, bear in mind that you might be a combination type--perhaps you resonate with the experiences of both geomantic and animal empaths, or emotional and Claircognizant empaths. Hold to the count of four and exhale ever so slowly to the count of eight until you feel a spacey sensation inside your head or a tingling sensation in your hands or both. Enjoy the freedom it will give you. Once you have done it take a break, raise your head from the articles, have a look around you for a few moments and let your breathing come back to normal before returning to the text again. That doesn't take very long does it? So from here on in try to be more aware of your breathing, especially when you want to feel better and re-centre yourself. Once you are aware of it, you'll regularly grab a few good deep breaths - oxygenate and off you go again. The Circle of Life Now I want to establish a quick overview of where you are at this point in your life. In order to develop the habit of happiness you first need to establish where you are now, and then you can decide where you want to go in the future.

People are constantly changing. By and large, the information in article 2 addresses reproductive hormones including testosterone in CFS and FMS, and not only for men. But there are two considerations for fibromyalgia: For those needing narcotics for pain, narcotic use will routinely lower testosterone levels in both men and women, worsening pain. Low testosterone equals increased pain. This cycle contributes to the need for ever-increasing doses of narcotics in some people. Because of this, any pain patient who needs chronic narcotic pain medications should have their testosterone levels kept at an optimal level--using only bioidentical testosterone. This not only decreases pain but also improves healing and overall well-being. Testosterone has important benefits in CFS/FMS. Though it can take six to twelve months to see the full effects, sometimes people start improving in a few days to weeks. Here are benefits of optimizing testosterone levels: People who have what business research calls high ownership capacities do well in life, love, and work. They make their choices with a mind toward the goal they hope to achieve. They see themselves as succeeding or failing because of their own decisions -- what is called in psychology an internal locus of control. They believe that their choices, which come from within, matter in their destinies. We feel happiest when we have high ownership. The entire Boundaries series of articles that Henry Cloud and I have written focuses on high ownership: Own your part of your job, your marriage, your dating life, your spiritual life, and your health. If someone is driving you crazy and trying to control you, own that you are allowing things that aren't good for you. If you can't say no to people's needs for your time and energy, own that they aren't the bad guy for asking, and that you need to learn to set a limit and say a kind but firm no. Entitlement, however, erects a huge obstacle to healthy ownership.

It does this in a couple of ways: low ownership and externalization. Maybe you are a combination of more than just two types. There are also some forms of empathy which are so rare as to be widely unrecognized, and these empath types often don't have official names. While there are notable differences between them, all empath types are connected by a universal recognition of invisible forces and their effect on the physical world. As you enhance your sensitivity and strive towards spiritual expansion, you may discover new types of empathic connection within yourself. Stay open-minded. Emotional Empaths While the concept of empathy is difficult to measure, and it may be impossible to find accurate information on how many exist in our population today, it seems that emotional empaths are by far the most common type. It may be because of normal ranges of emotional empathy appearing present in most humans from birth. For most of us, the impulse to feel the emotions of others as deeply as our own weakens as we mature and develops a stronger sense of personal ego. Some of us, though, may hold onto these strong connections throughout our childhood, and then feel them even more powerfully as adults. You are changing. You are moving in one of two directions, either backwards or forwards. You don't get to stand still. People often say they feel stuck in life. They are not stuck, they are probably going backwards. You need to learn how to go forward more of the time. Once you start to learn that, you can start to give shape, depth and dimension to your levels of happiness. Exercise: The Circle of Life This exercise only takes a few minutes.

Take a look at the diagram on here. In women with fibromyalgia, a study done by Dr Hillary White of Dartmouth University showed that giving natural testosterone decreased pain, even if their testosterone levels were normal. Fibromyalgia and CFS are associated with decreased red blood cell levels. In fact, most people with CFS/FMS are anemic despite having normal blood tests. Testosterone supplementation is a highly effective way of increasing the red blood cell levels. Testosterone can improve libido, which is low in 73 percent of CFS and fibromyalgia patients. Testosterone increases bone density, therefore decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. People with fibromyalgia are at greater risk for loss of bone density. Testosterone improves mood and decreases depression. Testosterone increases muscle strength and decreases fat levels. Low testosterone is associated with an increased risk of high cholesterol, angina, and diabetes in men. Low ownership: Individuals who don't take ownership of their lives sometimes live as if their actions have no consequences. They tend not to see beyond the present; They're surprised when they lose jobs or relationships. Most of us are aware of the basic principle that If you sow X, then X is what you will reap, but not the entitled person. My job as an organizational consultant sometimes involves participating in letting someone go. A company client of mine once called me in to deal with the letting go of a key executive. It became complicated. More than anything else, the company heads wanted to make sure that she not feel surprised at the firing. They wanted to make it crystal clear to her, over a period of time, that they had serious concerns about her performance, that they clearly communicated what it would take to turn things around, and that they would give her resources to help her improve.

None of this worked, and after repeated conversations, they told her they would have to let her go. Others may learn to bury their empathic feelings in adolescence, as peers put more and more pressure on them to toughen up and grow a thick skin, only to have their profoundly compassionate nature erupt with volcanic force at a later point in life. Many people discover their identities as emotional empaths through the breakdown of an emotionally unhealthy relationship. Emotional empaths can feel the emotions of those who are physically close to them. If they have friends, family, or lovers whom they come to know intimately, they can sometimes even sense their emotions across vast distances, through phone calls or emails. Some empaths may also be able to detect the feelings of the important people in their lives while they aren't in contact at all. They are often keen at detecting energy shifts, even very minor ones. That is why emotional empaths can spot lies easily and are hard to keep secrets. They can usually feel unspoken group dynamics, or vibes, and can sense the tension in other people's relationships, as well as sexual energy between others. The emotional empath can often struggle to find a firm sense of self and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships. If you believe yourself to be a member of this group, you should take special care to avoid codependent behaviors with family members, lovers, and friends. You are going to see what I call `the Circle of Life'. It's a wheel that is used to give you an indication of where you are at this moment in time. It's like taking a snapshot of your life right now. I want you to look at the Circle of Life and in each grid plot where, in your opinion, you are now. So, for example, if you choose Personal Development as a starting point, take note of where you reckon you are now. You will see that there are grades from one to ten and what I want you to do is to mark out where you are on each of those grids. What's really important in this exercise is that you mark out where you are, not where you want to be. Let's look at it this way: I am doing the exercise and for Health and Fitness I put down a mark of five. I'm reasonably fit, I'm not Olympic fit but I'm reasonably fit, I'm fit enough, you know.

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