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Do I get anxious if I keep my feelings in?

Breathing affects the movie-making capacity of your imagination. But sometimes the body gets stuck in this mode in people with CFS/FMS. In those cases, the reverse T3 is often high normal or elevated. Then slowly raising the liothyronine T3 dose can be helpful. In the people I treat, I have them do so with the caution that if they feel too hyper (like they drank too much coffee), then the dose is too high. As T3 is fairly short acting (its main effect lasts four to six hours), they can try splitting the dose and taking it three to four times a day. Everybody is different. Some people do best taking the entire dose in the morning and others need to divide it through the day. Others find that they feel better getting a sustained-release T3 hormone from a compounding pharmacy. Treatment is based totally on what feels best to the person. Lab testing, except for checking the reverse T3 to be sure that it is coming down, is totally useless once you go over 35 ug of T3 daily. The workers should appreciate their gainful employment. Their answer dismayed me, so I talked long and hard with these execs about their attitude. If that's how they really felt, I said, I could guarantee that the employees would have a similar attitude, but in reverse: This company is lucky to have me. It always trickles down. It took a long time, but finally these leaders started seeing their employees not merely as a means to an end, but as people with lives and dreams -- just like the executive team. I had to combat a total lack of empathy, and that battle cost the company a great deal of time and money before the executives finally learned the lesson. Unhealthy self-sufficiency. Another problem that entitlement creates is the conviction that I don't need others to sustain and support me. I'm not talking about healthy self-sufficiency, such as learning to pay your bills and taking ownership of your choices.

I'm referring to the self-sufficiency that denies that we need the support, encouragement, and feedback of others. This will be discussed later in this article. It is good to learn to be familiar with seeing and feeling energy since as an empath, you are dealing mostly with energy. Although it is energy in the form of emotion, it is nonetheless still energy. The more that you understand energy, the more that you will be able to understand the people with whom you deal and interact with. Empathy relates to emotions, while emotions are made of energy. Now, a common mistake is only to be sensitive to other people but insensitive to one's self. When you notice that you are already being affected and that it is already giving you a hard time to control the emotion/energy, then you should step back and take a break. Unfortunately, some empaths recognize this when it is already too late - when the energy/emotion has already affected them. This is why you need to be more sensitive to energy. Do not just feel them, but also pay more attention to the emotions that you pick up from other people. Everything that is or ever will be is first born in your imagination. To get the best from this article I want you to be making the best-quality mental movies possible so that the limits in your life are governed only by the limits of your imagination, which itself is limitless. So the first thing I am going to ask you to do is to breathe! Exercise: The Breath of Life As time goes on this simple technique will condition you to breathe more deeply in general and that can only be good. Obviously you can't breathe like this all of the time, if you did you would be likely to hyperventilate. Take a deep breath, counting slowly 1-2-3-4, then pause. Hold on to this breath, counting silently 1-2-3-4, then pause. Exhale slowly and very gently, releasing this time to the count of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

By the time you reach 5 you will need to push the remaining air out of your lungs. All you will see is a low free T4 and TSH. The free T3 level will be high, normal, or low--totally dependent on when you draw the blood relative to when you take the thyroid dose. This will leave your standard physician very confused and, if you draw the blood soon after the dose, very alarmed. So if the blood tests have to be drawn, I have people not take their dose of thyroid until after the blood draw that day. But when it works, it is dramatic. When people find the correct dose, what I routinely hear them say is that it's like somebody turned on a light switch and that they felt like they finally had blood flowing in their arms and legs for the first time in years. For the high-dose T3 protocol, worrisome abnormal heart rhythms or heart attacks, although quite rare, can be seen. If the person is feeling too stimulated, the dose is too high. So again, I recommend this sometimes life-changing protocol only be used by physicians familiar with its administration. The Problem with Thyroid Testing in Fibromyalgia Entitlement sees it as weak or inferior to ask for understanding, acceptance, or a place to vent. To admit need conflicts with the entitled person's self-view that she is above all that and has her act together. Entitlement is anti-need; If you've ever had lunch with a self-sufficient person, you understand how frustrating and empty the conversation can become. We all need to open up and be vulnerable; But open up to a self-sufficient person and you'll gradually realize that your lunch mate can't relate to people who struggle, or even to those who just need human contact. They can seem friendly and interested, but they have little sense of what it means to be incomplete without human nutrients outside of themselves. Paul expressed a similar frustration with the Corinthians when they would not be vulnerable with him. In an emotional passage, he pleads:

We have spoken freely to you, Corinthians, and opened wide our hearts to you. If it is a positive emotion, then there is no problem with it. However, in the case of a negative emotion or energy, then be sure to protect yourself. Since empathy deals with energy, it is only right that you attain mastery of the techniques that we have discussed. When you are faced with a negative person or psychic vampire, you should remind yourself not to be too attached. The more detached you are, the more that it will not be able to affect you. One of the best ways to do this is to divide your focus. By dividing your focus, you will be less attached to the negative energy. However, this does not mean that you should be rude and not give the other person any attention. Rather, it only advises that you should not give them your complete attention. For example, while talking with a negative person, you can, from time to time, also talk with a positive person. Repeat this process ten times at least. If you do this exercise sitting down be aware that you may feel light-headed for a few moments so take care when exerting yourself. I know that by the count of eight you would probably have dropped the baby and grabbed on to dear life, but believe me exhale until it feels like you have nothing left and then squeeze out some more so that your lungs will empty. This will benefit you in many ways. Do this about ten times at first and then whenever you become aware of the need to improve your breathing. The first ten times it can feel particularly spacey. It's called oxygen, your body needs it, your body loves it but it may not be used to it, so when you take off the stranglehold you had on it, it may just feel like a rush to the head. Stop for a few moments and do it now. Nobody need notice if you do it quietly.

Wherever you are now, whether you are in company or not, go ahead: softly, gently and slowly inhale to the count of four. In addition to what we've discussed above, it is important to realize that in most people with fibromyalgia, their TSH testing will actually go low when they are on the optimal dose of thyroid. This will often alarm their regular physician, who will lower the dose, often causing the person to go from feeling well to crippled again. The TSH goes low when your thyroid is normal because the hypothalamus controls TSH levels, and it is malfunctioning in FMS. When lecturing at a major worldwide fibromyalgia medical conference, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Gunther Neeck, the world's leading researcher on thyroid in fibromyalgia. I asked him a simple question. Is TSH reliable in fibromyalgia? His simple answer was Absolutely not! The bottom line? Thyroid dosing in fibromyalgia needs to be adjusted based on the dose that feels best, while keeping the free T4 blood test from going above the 80th percentile of the normal range for safety. Testosterone Intensive Care We are not withholding our affection from you, but you are withholding yours from us. As a fair exchange -- I speak as to my children -- open wide your hearts also. If connectedness is the fuel of life, then entitlement results in an empty tank for the entitled person. And that causes breakdowns in relationships, love, career, self-care, and spirituality. Principle 3: Ownership -- We Have to Take Responsibility for Our Own Choices God designed you and me to take responsibility for, or to own, our lives and our choices. God created a system in which we have a great deal of freedom in how we choose to live. We freely choose whether we will or will not follow God's ways: But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15). God had no interest in making slaves or robots who can't own their choices.

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