Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Is it easy for me to express my emotions?

People don't just open up to each other so that they will function better, be healthier, and have better lives. Tell yourself that you want to see the person's aura. In your mind's eye, the aura of the person should gradually appear. Take note of it and try to interpret it. This technique usually takes practice to learn it well. It should also be noted that when looking at an aura, whether physically or psychically, it is important to notice not just the color but also the shape of the aura. Last but not least, do not be discouraged if you fail to sense/see the aura on your first few attempts. Just keep on practicing and remember that feeling and seeing the aura is normal, especially if you are an empath. How to protect yourself from energy vampires Empaths are more exposed to energy vampires. What are energy vampires? Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. George Bernard Shaw The Breath of Life The first thing you take when you come into this world is a deep breath and the last thing you will take on passing into spirit is another deep breath. You know how important it is to breathe but do you realise how fundamental it is for optimum brain functioning and succeeding in life? Your happiness literally depends on it! Recent research from the field of emotional intelligence has revealed the wisdom behind what your mother used to tell you when you were stressed, `Just take a few deep breaths and you will be okay. In short, it helps you to think more rationally.

Breathing affects the quality of your thinking and the quality of your thinking is what determines the results you get from life. T3 Receptor Resistance The T3 receptor resistance problem often resolves after six to twenty-four months on the high-dose T3 treatment as the body heals from fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome. So if a person is feeling well on this treatment, and then over time starts feeling worse, that often means it is time to start weaning down the T3 hormone dose. Given the multiple causes of thyroid insufficiency in CFS and fibromyalgia, let's discuss how to best treat these problems. Generally, I begin with a thyroid approach I outlined in article 2. Simply using desiccated thyroid (Armour or Nature-Throid) can help considerably. Again, it should be adjusted to what feels optimal, as long as the free T4 blood test does not go too high (too high being in the upper 20 percent of the normal range or higher). It is not a problem if the free T4 blood test actually goes too low. This is because the T3 component of the desiccated thyroid can actually suppress the T4 blood level, which actually can be a good thing. It is part of how the receptor resistance noted above is overcome. Those are side benefits. The primary motivation is: People open up and make themselves vulnerable in relationships simply because they want to love and be loved. We are, by God's design, drawn to connectedness because relationships fuel us to meet the demands of reality. This is exactly where the entitlement mentality does its greatest damage. It distorts the power and meaning of connectedness so that relationships fail to operate with all the force for which they were designed. This happens in two ways: objectification and an unhealthy self-sufficiency. Objectification. When one person treats another as a need-meeting object or as a dispenser of some desired commodity, that is objectification. People objectify each other sexually.

A good listener may be sought out for her ability, but who remembers to ask how she's doing? Well, they are those who suck energy from you like a parasite. You are probably familiar with the experience of feeling drained after talking to a person. This is an excellent example of energy vampirism. This usually happens when you interact with a negative person. The reason for this is that those with a low vibration absorb energy from those with a higher vibration. Low vibration is characterized by those with negative energy, while a high vibration is characterized by positive energy. This is why when you interact with a negative person, it is you who will most likely feel drained. The good news is that there are preventive measures that you can take to protect yourself from these so-called energy vampires. Of course, the first thing that you will want to do is to avoid negative people, or at least stay away from them while you are still learning to take control of your empathic ability. Now, if an engagement with a negative person is unavoidable, then you can use a defensive technique by creating a wall between you and the negative person. Despite its necessity, many of us fail to breathe properly. Yoga teachers have known for centuries that where breath flows consciousness follows. Being mindful, being in the moment, being fully present is determined by how you allow yourself to breathe. Taking a few good quality, deep breaths makes you fully aware of your body. By taking you away from the everyday hustle and bustle, it gives you back control of your mind and leaves you centred. It grounds you and reminds you to be in the here and now. If you take a look around you, you will find that people breathe differently; The ones that breathe from their tummy are the ones that are fully present in their world. The ones whose breathing is often fast and shallow and is located in their mid-section are often the ones with the biggest problems.

They may even be hunched up as if they are getting ready to fold over. If people don't respond to the desiccated thyroid, then I will often stop the thyroid treatment and switch them over to the pure T3 hormone called liothyronine (Cytomel). If a person simply has difficulty turning the T4 hormone made by the thyroid into the active T3 form, usually the optimal dose is between 5 and 35 ug of Cytomel daily. If they don't respond, I consider an approach developed by the late and excellent Dr Broda Barnes and Dr John Lowe. This involves giving a therapeutic trial of high-dose Cytomel, 80 to 120 ug daily. This is enough to leave most healthy people hyperthyroid if their cells were not deaf to the thyroid. So, this treatment should only be done by holistic physicians familiar with the protocol. There is one thyroid blood test called a reverse T3 that does help point to the need for high-dose T3. In periods of severe energy crisis, the body actually converts the T3 hormone into an anti-thyroid called reverse T3. This tells the cells to go into hibernation, so the body can conserve energy. This can be seen, for example, during times of famine or severe illness. A doctor at a party often has person after person ask about their ailments, with little consideration of his desire to simply hang out and converse with friends. The self-absorbed attitude of entitlement makes it difficult to see people as having needs, feelings, and lives of their own. Forget walk a mile in my shoes -- entitled individuals can only envision the lives of others as an extension of their own. They can't enter fully into the experience of the other individual. I once worked with a management team in a company that wanted me to get its factory workers producing at a faster rate. Management thought the work was getting done too slowly and that current productivity levels didn't reflect the workers' true capacity. When I asked these executives what they were doing to motivate their employees to work more, I expected them to mention things like bonuses, prizes, team outings, and offers for advanced training. No such luck. They have a job, they said.

That was it. This way, you would not be too attached or connected to them. The steps are as follows: While you are interacting with the negative person, visualize a wall between you and the person. Know firmly in your mind that no negative energy can ever pass through this wall. This wall is very strong and effective. Do not doubt its power. Another thing that you can do is to be in control of the conversation. A negative person will not be able to transfer or communicate to you their negativity if they have no opportunity to do so. So, try to be the one to lead the conversation. Another preventive measure that you can do is to create a bubble shield. The ones that breathe higher are in such a hurry that life passes them by. Breathing opens the gateways to alternative states of consciousness. The shaman's breath takes him deep into earth on his vision quest to the spirit world and takes him back again to lead his tribe. The medicine man reduces his breath and slows down his heart almost to a standstill to get insight so that he can help his patient. The modern healer uses her breath to guide her trance and dance between both worlds so that she can make the unknown known and bend reality to her will. If you are breathing from your chest - that is, if when you take a breath you do it like the smoker does - you only go so deep (you will know this if your chest feels restricted most of the time) and that's not good. You need to go all the way. If you stop halfway through and hold on too tightly then that's what happens in your life as well. You will `go with the flow', so it makes sense to breathe better, it's as simple as that.

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