Wednesday, 7 October 2020

The Blessing of Emotional Freedom

I was dizzy all the time. The 2011 Modified ACR Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria A patient satisfies the diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia if the following conditions are met: Widespread Pain Index (WPI) >=7 and Symptom Severity (SS) scale score >=5, or WPI 3 to 6 and SS scale score >=9. Symptoms have been present at a similar level for at least three months. The patient does not have a disorder that would otherwise explain the pain. Though in most cases CFS and FMS are two names for the same condition, because of current politics and the social stigma attached to the diagnosis of CFS, you will generally do better to use the FMS label instead. Some good news from an unexpected quarter? The pharmaceutical industry spent nearly $210 million a year on advertising to make the diagnosis of FMS medically and socially acceptable, so it could create a larger market for its three FDA-approved FMS medications. What CFS and FMS Feel Like CFS and FMS occur in varying degrees of severity, ranging from moderately disruptive to leaving some people bedridden. I didn't ask to be born. Besides, this will still be their house after I move out. And I can't pay rent anyway, because I don't have a job. None of the dead-end jobs around here are worth my time and effort. And there's no reason I should do my own laundry -- Mom has to do hers and Dad's anyway -- she can just do mine at the same time. It's no extra work. A denial of one's impact on others -- Sometimes my husband and kids' lack of responsibility bothers me, and I say exactly what I feel. I'm telling them the truth. I don't sugarcoat it and I don't tone down my language, my volume, or how long I talk.

They overreact to what I'm saying, and that's their problem. Physical/Medical Empath The physical empaths are able to tap into the energy of other people's bodies. Using their intuition, they can tell what the other person is ailing from, in most cases. Many physical empaths end up becoming professional medical doctors or traditional healers. When they are treating a patient, they can identify with the illness in their own bodies and feel the areas that have suffered an energy blockage so that they may be able to treat them accordingly. A medical empath is also able to pick up on the symptoms of an ailing person in their own body. However, this ability to pick up on other people's physical symptoms can impact negatively on the physical health. Acquiring some healing training can help a medical empath to regulate this ability. Emotional Empath This type of empath is among the most popular types of empaths. As my relationship with Christ and my understanding of his teachings on charity real-I-zed, the outside-in learning started to form into a tangible vision and calling. It was during my college journey that I was introduced to psychology and therapy as a profession. I was drawn to the classes and consumed the lessons, unlike any previous studying done before. This resonated with Christ's teaching of the true principles of love and these new understandings were revolutionary to my heart as to my personal expression of Christlike conscious love. The career was my calling through pure consciousness; I was drawn as the seeds of Christ-consciousness dwelled within and I had tapped into this inner reservoir. Now it was up to me to fertilize these seedlings, nurture this knowledge with consistent effort and daily attending to the development from within my being, in mind, body, and spirit. As I did so, the magnificent qualities of the love and light, which were me, empowered me as I continued forward on this earthly journey. I began to recognize that the key was to allow the absorption of the wisdom and learnings, to embody them.

I identified this as the turning point in me real-I-zing my call and the need to take the journey that has evolved and manifested into unleashing my potential. And no, these are not happening because you are depressed or you're getting older. They're happening because you have CFS/FMS. There are dozens of symptoms that can be seen with CFS/FMS. Doctors not familiar with the illness, even excellent physicians, have difficulty making sense of this wide array of symptoms, so their reactions may have left you and your family confused and concerned. Some especially clueless physicians may have even implied that since they don't know what's wrong, you must be crazy. So let's clear this up for you right now. The most common complaints among chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients include: Overwhelming fatigue. Most people with CFS/FMS have significant or overwhelming fatigue. Occasionally, they experience short periods during which they feel better. It's a free country, and I can say what I need to say. Whatever the cause of the sense of entitlement, the end result is that the person believes that he or she doesn't have to play by the rules of responsibility, ownership, and commitment. And the end result of entitlement is predictable: The entitled person feels good and lives badly, while those around him feel bad about the situation but have more successful relationships and careers. It's tempting to make excuses for our loved ones (or ourselves) who evidence an attitude of entitlement, but the only effective response is to take responsibility, not to make excuses. People's life experiences may influence them toward entitlement. But they don't create entitlement. Many people who have suffered greatly in life, experiencing poverty, child abuse, and chaos, still take responsibility for their lives and choices, blaming no one. And there are individuals who have had it all -- love, support, opportunity -- who nevertheless see themselves as owed -- by life, by society, by those around them. This is important to know if you have an entitled person in your life.

You may feel responsible for the part you may have played in influencing that attitude, or you may simply feel compassion for their circumstances. People who are emotional empaths are able to tune in to the emotions of others and they will feel affected by those emotions as if they were theirs. The emotional empaths can deeply feel the emotions of others in their own heart and when they cannot differentiate their own emotions from those of others, they may experience very high fatigue and trauma. Telepathic Empath Telepathic empaths have the ability to accurately read another person's thoughts even before the other person expresses such thoughts. Just by looking at you, a telepathic empath can tell you almost everything that is going on in your mind. Such empaths can be found aplenty throughout history. Just as there have been cases of twins who are telepathic, able to communicate through thoughts without the need to voice their thoughts, so is a telepathic empath able to read the minds of others and know their moments of distress. However, it is not as if he/she sets out deliberately to read minds. It is just that it comes naturally. That is why in the beginning of this article, we learnt that an empath feels overwhelmed in the public spaces because he or she is hit by a wall of all types of emotions without his/her prompting. I rose to be the healer as called, walked the path of transformation of shifting my consciousness to match His, and live my full truth. It is said that this is the state of Christ consciousness that takes us from a sleeping state to an awakening state. As I grew step by step, I was propelled to live openheartedly. Now your path may be significantly different, yet perfect for your evolution. We are created with the knowing how to bring our pieces of the puzzle together and discover the picture of our call. When you see your divinity, you are no longer blind to the unseen, you will rise to witness the changes from the inside-out. You will re-awaken and simply remember. The Place for Confusion As the uncertainties arise, it is natural to find yourself discovering feelings of confusion, loneliness, self-doubts, and frustrations swirling in your head, turning your work upside down.

It can be a challenge in and of itself to find HOPE when you question your purpose. However, after several hours or days of feeling energetic, they typically crash back down into severe fatigue. Often, CFS/FMS patients wake up feeling tired and spend the day that way. Oddly, they often have the most energy between 10:00 p. This is due, in part, to their day-night cycles being reversed. In addition, too much exercise often makes the fatigue worse. When CFS/FMS patients try to exercise, they feel worse that day and as if they were hit by a truck the next. If you have CFS/FMS, this post-exertional fatigue occurs because you can't make enough energy to condition your body to exercise and simply deplete what little energy you had. This causes further deconditioning and discouragement. A better approach is to walk as much as you can, but only to the point where you feel good tired after the exercise and better the next day. After approximately ten weeks of gentle, slow walking to begin reconditioning, while doing the treatments discussed in this article, most people find that they can start to increase their walking by up to one minute a day as their energy levels increase. And it's certainly possible that you may have made mistakes in your relationship with them. It's possible that life may have thrown them curves. But those mistakes, those curveballs of life, do not create irresistibly an entitlement attitude; At some point in life, people choose entitlement. They direct themselves toward an entitled viewpoint. Ultimately, it's because -- at least in their view -- it is the Easy Way. We see the word entitlement all over the media -- when movie stars misbehave, when marriages go south, or when a young person displays extreme selfishness. You can find scores of examples of this mentality in families, in business, and even in the church. Entitlement has profound negative impacts:

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